SWAT Force Treaties Templars

Following the revelation of the Templars multilogging in their war against the Special Weapons and Tactics, the Templars have now been put under a force treaty. Find out what the terms of the treaty are, and what they mean for the Golden Crusaders.

Towards the end of the last year, the Special Weapons and Tactics found themselves in yet another war, this time against the Circus Alliance. The alliance comprised four armies, namely the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings, and the Templars. Following multiple battles, and controversies, the war eventually ended in January of this year.

However, there was yet another controversy to rise once again. The Templars were accused of multilogging, and following an investigation by the Club Penguin Armies administration team, it was revealed that the Templars did in fact multilog. The investigation revealed multiple instances of multilogging by Xing, Club Penguin Army Legend, and Creator of the Templars. One of these was during the invasion of Parka, the Capital of SWAT at the time.

War between Templars and SWAT

Following the investigation, the administration team stated that the Templars were to be force-treatied by SWAT. The terms of the force treaty can be read below.

Terms of the force treaty

To find out more, we reached out to Templars leader Dawn and SWAT leader Coolguy for a statement:

Coolguy: Well, SWAT force treating TCP came to no-ones surprise as we had already attempted to after what was a messy war. The war actually was concerning considering all that went on and all of the controversial moments within it. However, SWAT never backed down and we don’t plan to shy away from challenges. Actions have consequences. Now, SWAT moves on to other challenges with its war with RPF. May the best army win 🤝

Dawn: In all fairness the swat treaty towards tcp doesn’t matter in the long run of things. they might’ve taken our land but they didn’t take our troops or anything. None of us are trippin over this we’re just doing as we do, we’ll get the land back again at some point soon. All swat has done is claim they won a war they never won a battle in 🤡

The force treaty has been put into effect, and the agents have already declared war on their next target, the Rebel Penguin Federation. How will the Templars fare following this treaty? Regardless, the server map has certainly seen multiple changes, and the community appears to be active after a long hiatus.

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