War of Reckoning: Another SWAT War

The Special Weapons and Tactics declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. This major declaration is the first conflict of the year and has both sides ready to begin fighting later today.


War of Reckoning

Following the acquisition of Templars’ servers, the Special Weapons and Tactics were ready for another war. On February 9, the Special Agents declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. In their war post, dubbed the War of Reckoning, the Agents acknowledged that the Rebels were a powerhouse in the community regarding tournaments and wars due to their veteran pool. The only reason for war listed was a desire to compete against the best army and test their skills. 

War of Reckoning Announcement

Coolguy announcing the War of Reckoning

Both armies have fought each other on many occasions, such as the Legends Cup XII and the Christmas Chaos XII. In the Legends Cup, the Rebels lost their battle against the Agents before the result was overturned due to multilogging. During Christmas Chaos, the two battled again, with the Rebels turning the tables and earning their finals spot. Recently, the Agents have maxed an average of 23 troops per event and the Rebels 20, making this war one to watch.

Rebels and Special Agents face each other in Legends Cup XII

Club Penguin Armies decided to reach out to Special Weapons and Tactics leader Legoman and Rebel Penguin Federation leader Elexonck for their statements on the war.

Legoman: SWAT seeks a respectable 1v1 war with a formidable opponent, unlike the recent coalition wars where armies relied on allies to contend against us. The CPA Map has been stagnant for too long, and SWAT will incite conquest on this otherwise deceased map. Most of the community is exempt from the CPA Map due to the fear of imminent war. Time and time again, armies have pulled out of the map in the act of cowardice. SWAT is not afraid of war, and we welcome the prospect of growing our land and streamlining hype throughout our army. There is no use sitting on land that means nothing when conflict is the lifeblood of the community and one of the top motivators for troops to have a good experience. SWAT is not afraid and unwilling to idly wait for others to make the first move. Unintentionally this lengthy statement may contend with my friend, CalgoCubs69, for the longest statement in a post, and for that, I apologize. We rise together; we fall together, SWAT Forever. HOO RAH!

Elexonck: It’s not super shocking that SWAT would declare war on us, I mean, we have land, they want even more land than they already have, we’re considered powerful and they would like to also be considered powerful. Unfortunately we’re ready to give this war our all, so may the best army win.


Both armies seem ready to march onto the battlefield in the first conflict of 2023. With the first battle occurring later today, it will be interesting to see who gains momentum first. Will the Rebels show their historic battle strength, or have the Special Agents caught them off guard? Club Penguin Armies will keep releasing updates as the War of Reckoning progresses.

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