The Everlasting Crunch: Doritos Celebrate 13th Anniversary

Thirteen years back, Doritos, one of the legendary armies to have existed within this community, was created. Today, on the occasion of their thirteenth anniversary, the army once again returns to Club Penguin, to celebrate and honor the army’s legacy.

Created by Wwebestfan on February 8, 2010, the Doritos have been one of the strongest armies, the community has seen, to date. During the original Club Penguin era as well as the CPPS era, the army was involved in a plethora of wars spanning over several generations and were always able to dominate the opposition. In the year 2010, just a week after its founding, they had their very first war against the Defense of Club Penguin. Having won this war, they gained ownership of the abbreviation ‘DCP’ and have been referred to as DCP in short ever since. Throughout the pre-CPPS era, the army not only achieved the 1st position in the Top Ten Armies multiple times but also emerged victorious in Christmas Chaos VI, in 2016, making it their first won tournament. The army was active and dominant until the closure of Club Penguin in 2017.

Doritos win Christmas Chaos VI

The Doritos returned in 2019, onto a new platform – CPPS Club Penguin Online. This commenced their journey in the CPPS era. Just after their return, they once again won Christmas Chaos, maxing a size of more than 100 troops. In the beginning of the year, 2020, the army not only maintained their 1st position in the Top Ten for more than 3 months, but also defeated the Ice Warriors in the March Madness semi-finals with a size of 150 troops. The army shut down briefly in August of 2020 but returned shortly after in November enabling them to participate in one last tournament, Christmas Chaos X, in which they maxed over 115 troops against the Ice Warriors in the semi-finals. In the year 2021, there was another attempt to revive the army, but eventually, the army shut down a month after. The army has been inactive since.

Doritos max 150 troops against Ice Warriors in March Madness 2020

This year, the Doritos celebrated their 13th Anniversary on Club Penguin Armies Battleground. More than 50 people showed up to this reunion to honor the army’s legacy and commomorate their 13th year.

Doritos celebrate 13th Anniversary

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to one of the Main Leaders – 32op, and two of the army’s Legends – Rah and Aaronstone, to know more about the army’s legacy and its future plans.

How does it feel to celebrate Doritos’ 13th Anniversary?

Rah – It feels really nice to see Doritos come this far in its history. Despite not being here long, I can confidently say how proud I am to see such dedicated troops that care about our legacy and I’m grateful to have a awesome reunion.

Aaronstone – Feels good considering we didn’t do much of anything last year.

32op – It feels amazing, I joined DCP in 2012 as a little kid and I never would have thought how much this army would mean to me. The amount of friends I’ve made is insane and it even goes beyond just CPA, the people I’ve became friends with are like my brothers in different parts of the world.

What does this army’s legacy mean to you?

Rah – It’s absolutely incredible to see the amount of people that have come and gone to make Doritos an amazing community as well as a great place to be yourself. The accomplishments, the effort and optimism within this army is phenomenal. It’s amazing seeing troops embrace their orange roots. You would never experience an army with so much ambition and perseverance unless you were apart of the Doritos. Love us or hate us, you have to admit that we bring the army community to a whole another level.

Aaronstone – It means a lot, its where I got my start back in 2010 and where I met a lot of the guys I’m still friends with to this day, Alfrondo, Wwe, Bam, Musta and 32op to name a few.

32op – The legacy obviously means an incredible amount to me as I was a leader during our CPPS era. I feel extremely happy knowing that the Doritos were able to have so much success not only on CPA but also in building an amazing community that is still willing to connect with all the people they met after 13 years! That shows a lot.

Could you share some of your favorite moments from the army?

Rah – I have countless favourite moments but the one that sticks out the most would definitely be the March Madness semi-finals against IW in March 2020. Despite how controversial that turned out, the preparation for that match was through the roof. I’ve never seen a group of players that dedicated to help recruit and train troops to make history. Other favourite moments include battling against other armies, having fun in VCs, doing a little trolling and overall just enabling ourselves to have fun.

Aaronstone – Honestly probably the family vibe I got from DCP throughout my years there and the fact we didnt really take shit from anyone back then. Ive tried to replicate that wherever I go in this community. Also chatting and chilling with the boys too, I have too many memories of skype calls with Bam and Wwe and various other people back then.

32op – There is a countless amount of “favorite” moments but to name a few, I would say to start, all our wars with IW and DW. We became rivals right when we all revived and the wars we had were just extremely fun because of how badly we wanted to beat each other. Some other memories include all the DCP Winterballs, our costume themed events on CPATG and CPO, the launch of our new division etc. There’s just too many, I loved every part of it.

What can we expect from the Doritos this year?

Rah – We’re just keeping it simple by getting together former Doritos and visitors to have a amazing reunion. But who knows, we’ll see what the future holds. Family forever! :dcpsalute: :dcpheart:

Aaronstone – I’m not sure I dont think we have anything else planned for this year 32op would know better than I would.

32op – Nothing, we’re dead and we’re going to stay dead. This community is dead now. It was fun while it lasted though.

Doritos 10th Anniversary

The Doritos will always be remembered fondly because of the strength they showed by maxing high over multiple generations and grasping 1st position in the top ten armies on numerous occasions. They represented what being an army was all about and stood testimony to their motto throughout their time. From Club Penguin Armies, we wish the Doritos community, a happy 13th anniversary, and the very best in all of their future endeavours.

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