People’s Imperial Confederation Makes A Comeback

After much anticipation, the People’s Imperial Confederation have returned. Sidie9 has revived the army once more alongside its former leaders, looking to make a blazing comeback. We’re sure to see some familiar faces as PIC makes its way back into the community.

The People’s Imperial Confederation was created in October 2019 by Sidie9. After multiple generations and wars, they return once more. During its very first generation, PIC fought against the Army of Club Penguin, unfortunately losing the war because of its size. Later, in their second generation, they aided the Rebel Penguin Federation in World War Rewritten, declaring war on ACP. While no victors were declared, PIC’s determination was there for all to see. The army has had many highs and lows since then, most notably in its third generation. In 2021 they gathered a maximum of 40 penguins for Legoman’s retirement. This took the army to a new height as it was consistently maxing 15-20+ before this. However, the end of the army was near and in February 2022 they announced their indefinite hiatus.

PIC at Legoman’s retirement event.

On January 4, 2023, PIC announced its revival after almost a year of inactivity. Their ‘Grand Opening’ was set for February 4, one month later. Since the announcement, we have seen the reintroduction of two old leaders Hidcre and Langley, to work alongside Sidie9 and Shallissa.

Their revival event saw a maximum of 13 penguins attend on Club Penguin Army Battlegroundas some old and new faces appeared to support the army.


PIC’s opening event on February 4 2023.

This event marks the beginning of their fourth generation. Is this just the start of something even bigger?

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to interview Langley, PIC’s leader, to find out their plans for the upcoming year.

What led to the revival of PIC?

We’ve had the idea of reviving PIC for a while now. We had a few failed attempts before, but this one stuck. Quite a fair amount of ex-PIC troops that were in the army before we went on hiatus also wanted us to return, I think it was a sense that PIC has always felt some-what like a second family to most of us, some after our hiatus went to different armies, me included, but some felt like it never felt the way it did when they were in PIC.

What are your plans for coming back into the community?

PIC’s main goal has always been to aim for major status. We’ve traditionally been a S/M army, our goal has always been to finally reach that major status. Before we try aiming for that goal, I think our main plan would be re-growing our community back to how it used to be in past generations, then we can once again try and claim major status.

Do you think there are differences between this generation and those before it? If so, do you think the differences will help it succeed?

We have new HCOM members, more notable faces with army experience that can help us grow and succeed even more. I feel like we have more hope than we did prior to this generation, the hope we have is more visible, the new HCOM members have contributed to the overall hope that everyone in the army is feeling, and our determination to make this generation succeed won’t go unnoticed. Our new-found determination will most certainly help us succeed, just like generations before it.

Before PIC even opened, we saw a PIC make a treaty with ACP. What led to this?

ACP has always been a good friend and ally to PIC, it made sense for us to approach them once more to resume our alliance exactly where we had left it. We value ACP as allies and friends.

Do you have anything else to add?

I hope that this community accepts us as they once had before, that is all.

Their revival sets up the beginning of a new era. Langley is hopeful of PIC making a strong comeback. With their goal set on becoming a major army, the question remains, will they make it to major? Will they go further than they’ve been before while being a mainstay in the community? We wish them all the best in their future endeavors as we watch them waddle on.

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