Administrative Statement: Evidence of Templars Multilogging

After extensive investigation, the administrative team is ready to share what we believe to be conclusive evidence that Templars multilogged at an event.

As a general policy, the CPA admins carry out regular, random checks into army events to ensure no multilogging is going on. We recently conducted one of these checks on a Templars event held on the 18th of January last week. We were shocked to discover that 14 of the penguins present shared the same IP address: namely the address of one EmperorXing. These 14 accounts were:


Some of these accounts can be seen at the event here:

9 of the 14 listed accounts can be seen this screenshot. Click to zoom in.

In addition to this, an investigation into Templars’ server found a video from the event itself. In it, all of the penguins listed above can be seen visibly not moving and largely staying in the same spots for much of the footage [a staple indication of multilogging]. More damning is a moment where three of the above accounts can be seen disconnecting at exactly the same time [as seen in the short clip downloadable here], shortly followed by a fourth account also mentioned above.

With all this available, the admin team immediately got to work investigating each account in an effort to link the accounts to real users.

Overview of the Involved Accounts

LokiBoxK9 [Can’t be found on the server, is the name of a ROBLOX account created Feb. 2021]
Gio33m [Not mentioned in the server. 14 different ROBLOX accounts found all with this name and a few letters afterwards.]
Kangaboi [Not mentioned in the server. 14 different ROBLOX accounts again in same pattern as above which is a very odd coincidence.]

AveTemplaria [EVIDENTLY created for use by numerous people. No mentions in the server, no ROBLOX account found.]
Madzomgreal [Not ever mentioned in the server, no ROBLOX account]
Corn.witch [As above]
CORPSE_CAT81 [As above]

Xertz [More on this user below]
Pandalover [Traced to Elite in the discord server. Last active on the 15th of Jan.]
Templaria [Traced to Gold/R3 in the discord server. Last active on the 27th December, so clearly not who used the account at the event.]
Bobuxman33 [Traced to Skulfuly in the discord server. Last active on the 17th December, last message an inactivity notice, also firmly ruling out that Skulfuly logged in.]
Lightblade [Traced to Rowinator2.0 in the discord server. Last active on the 23rd December, so clearly not who used the account at the event.]
ANiceAndMean [Goes by Joe1 in the server, joins and leaves the server, most recently joined on the 16th of January, wasn’t in the server at the time we investigated. Might not be a multilog based on this.]
Floppa000 [used by several, now inactive users, is also the name of a ROBLOX account.]

Historical Context + Templars’ Response

A check back in October similarly discovered these accounts apparently being linked to Xing, but at the time each of the accounts involved could apparently be linked to an active user and DMs were provided proving that each of the accounts had indeed been loaned out to a real person. However, given 4 of the accounts today could not be traced back to a ROBLOX account/Discord user and 6 of the accounts could only be traced back to inactive users, circumstances appeared to be different. Nevertheless, we contacted current Templars leaders Dawnables and Nicky_3070 and asked for them to get in touch with Xing to see if he could verify that he had loaned any of these accounts out for the event.

We gave them 48 hours to obtain this, only to be contacted 2 hours before the deadline to be asked if we could delay by a further 24 hours so they could contact Xing again. After a request to see proof that Xing had been contacted at all was left unfulfilled for a further 3 hours, we finally received this comment:

Based on the findings presented thus far, there is a moderately clear case to suggest that Xing multilogged at least some of the accounts named, even if a few of them were being operated by identified users. However, the IP log history of one particular account conclusively verified this theory: Xertz.

The Xertz Account

The original Xertz is a user who now goes by Tab. Tab is an LiT, but hasn’t been active on the server since mid-December. It was also temporarily the account of discord user Tydra back in September 2022. Xertz is currently used often by discord user Phenix, the sister of Templars member Solarix.

The Xertz account is a major lynchpin in proving Templars multilogged. Phenix was active on the server at the time the event happened. At first, this appears to clear the Xertz account from suspicion and the logs did reflect that Phenix logged into the Xertz account. However, the logs reflect more than this.

On the day of the event, Xertz is logged in from :37 to :50 on the same IP as Xing.
At :50, Xertz disconnects and then immediately reconnects under Solarix’ IP address. Solarix also logs in here at the same time.

From what we can see, it’s our conclusion that Xing used the account initially and then Phenix [the sister] logged into the account at :50, thus kicking Xing out of the account. This would explain the disconnect and the IP change.

An admin tried recreating this scenario using their own account. They logged into Battleground on one browser and then logged in again on a different
browser. Sure enough, they logged in successfully on the second browser and got disconnected from the original.

Based on this, we can conclusively state that Xertz was indeed being multilogged initially by Xing and not being used by another user. If another user had been using the account during that time, the servers wouldn’t have logged the Xertz account under Xing’s IP. Instead, the servers would have logged Xertz as being used by a separate, third IP address.

Action Taken

Given the Xertz case displayed above, we are comfortable enough to conclude Xing definitely did multilog most, if not all of the 13 other accounts.

Club Penguin Armies does not tolerate multilogging. After due consideration, we have decided upon the following course of action:

This event has been removed from Templars’ score in last week’s Top Ten. They have consequently dropped to 8th.
A penalty of 13 points will be applied to Templars’ score for this week’s Top Ten.

Our investigation isn’t finished. We intend to further investigate Templars’ previous events over the past month and see if any further multilogging can be uncovered. Following this, we will also look even further back into the past to find out whether Templars’ year of dominance was in fact really built on a cleverly disguised lie. These investigations will take some time, so we wanted to provide this statement now seeing as this phase of the investigation is complete. Further measures will be applied to Templars if the multilogging can be traced even further back, scaling in severity depending on the severity of the multilogging.

As ever, Club Penguin Armies does not condone multilogging and will punish it severely where found.

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