Top 5 Moments of December 2022

The community witnessed a slew of happenings as the year’s final month closed. With tournament buzz, a Christmas war, and controversy, December had many top moments, but which were the top five?

Top 5 Moments

As with every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team hosted a vote for the ‘Top Five Moments’ of December. The internal vote includes moments that have significantly impacted the community, whether a war, awards, or scandal.

Map Reset: Fresh Start to Land Conquests

Written by: Crazzy

In a unanimous vote by the Army Board, the Club Penguin Armies map was reset on December 7, 2022. This was the first reset of this organization’s existence, as army leaders yearned for a fresh start. For newer armies, the reset was beneficial to build their empires, while for well-established armies, it was a way to branch out across the map. A seven-day grace period was put in place to avoid owned land being invaded immediately, giving all army leaders a chance to plan. Soon after the reset and Christmas Chaos XII ended, CPA saw their last war of the year, with the Circus Alliance taking on the Special Weapons and Tactics Army.

Circus Alliance Takes On Special Weapons and Tactics

Written by: Nicky

On December 22, 2022, the Circus Alliance, formed by the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings, and Templars, declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. With the odds against the Agents, they could not maintain any land. However, they kept battles close, forcing overtime twice. However, more was needed to have them win the war, and the Templars took their capital, Parka, on December 30. The war was eventually dubbed the “Troubled Allies War.”

Annual End of the Year Gala and Awards

Written by: Comedy

Like every year, Club Penguin Armies hosted the End of the Year Gala and Awards. The year ended with an enthusiastic awards ceremony featuring various activities and a lively awards ceremony. Although the community was able to vote for some awards, others were decided by team heads. Amongst the winners were some records, Da Best won Brightest Bulb for the third time in a row, and Xing won Person of the Year, becoming the first to win it twice. Runners Ups included Aaronstone, Crazzy, Spotty, Legoman, and Superhero123.

Rebel Penguin Federation Claims Third Consecutive Christmas Chaos Title

Written by: Alemax

On December 17, the final round of the Christmas Chaos XII tournament took place between the Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation. After a fierce battle and over time, the Rebels were declared the winner. The Templars challenged the verdict by requesting a review, but the Head Judges determined the battle was judged fairly. The Rebel Penguin Federation took home their third consecutive win of Christmas Chaos. 

The Army of Club Penguin Climbs to #1

Written by: Dino

The Army of Club Penguin last achieved the coveted first place in the Top Ten at a time when first place was very volatile. The Army of Club Penguin competed heavily with both Black Ice armies before entering May. The Clovers gradually regressed before entering a period of stagnation through a series of mass retirements that would last for over a year. Their first-place drought would last 608 days.

The drought would finally be broken on December 24, under the leadership of Calgocubs. The Army of Club Penguin edged out the Templars by 0.54; this comes as the Army of Club Penguin, the aforementioned Templars, and Dark Vikings engaged in a war with the Special Weapons and Tactics. Whilst this interruption in first place might not happen again in the foreseeable future, it was undeniably a defining moment for the community in December. 


The month of December proved eventful, with many armies marking the end of the year with a bang. As armies begin to plan for their futures and leaders leave, we can anticipate another notable year. What awaits us in January, and which will become our next Top 5 Moments?

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