Top Ten Posts of 2022

Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen the formation of a new media website and a plethora of posts to go with it. Going by our analytics, these are the ranks of the top ten posts of Club Penguin Armies thus far.

10. Melting the Ice: Ice Warriors Silently Exit the League

Written by: Rye Bread

First up we have the news that the Ice Warriors were pulling out of the server map following a declaration of war by the Army of Club Penguin. The army, which had been considered one of the most successful transitions from Club Penguin Online, witnessed a string of retirements and leadership changes. Namely, DrQueen and Freedomist retired on October 2022.

Moving forward, the army began hosting fewer events on Club Penguin Army Battleground. While transferring servers to its allies, the Army of Club Penguin declared war. However, no war actually took place, as the Warriors immediately just surrendered and continued to state that they no longer wanted to be apart of the weekly Top Ten rankings. The icy army chose to participate in neither community events, nor Legends Cup XII.

In the end, the army adamantly denied rumors of shutting down and have since bounced back as competitors.

Bio written by Mchappy

9. Opinion: ‘The Templars Raid of the Rebel Penguin Federation Was Hypocritical’

Written by: Zay

Next on the list at number nine is Zay‘s opinion post on raiding events. Back in July the Templars raided a private event of the Rebel Penguin Federation while the two armies were in war, and Zay had some stuff to say about it.

In their opinion, the raid was hypocritical and lacked morality. The Templars also taunted the Rebel Penguin Federations with in-game messages like “F6 FAILED AT LEADING” and “YOU SUCK.” Zay reached out to a few individual leaders and asked them what they think about raiding an army’s private event, and they said they are mostly against it, but they can see why it was done. The post became one of the first popularized opinion pieces.

Bio written by Mogi4

8. The Resignation of Max

Written by: Max

At number eight on the list we have Max, former administrator, and his resignation letter. After serving in five different army leagues, with lots of memories made, Max had made the decision to retire from the army community. Back in February 2020 was when Max decided to join the Army of Club Penguin‘s media team and took off with his investigation posts. The start of 2021 was rough after Flash has ended and Club Penguin Army Hub shut down. But this was when Max saw an opportunity to transform the Army of Club Penguin’s internal newspaper, the Shamrock Bulletin, into a community-wide media organization, where he hosted a tournament, and provided the first Top Ten armies of 2021.

Max departed the Army of Club Penguin at the end of July 2021, passing on the Shamrock Bulletin to Agentfrog1. Max was sure this was the end of his army career, only to be drawn back into the chaos in October 2021. He quickly fell back in love with the army media and earned himself the Editor-in-Chief rank position in Club Penguin Army HQ by December 2021. On January 2022, Max received his promotion into the Club Penguin Army HQ administration team, and was excited to work in the army media. One of Max’s favorite events in the army community was the pride parades he hosted. In July 2022 Club Penguin Armies was founded and Max was one of the founders, and in October, Max departed from the league.

Bio written by Mogi4

7. TCP-RPF War Decreed Valid: Breaking Down The Arguments For & Against 

Written by: Max

The start of heavy tension between the Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation started brewing rapidly in December 2021. However, since there was no map during this present time, the two armies could not go to war.

In July 2022, Club Penguin Army released a map that made it possible for the Templars to declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Right after the declaration, the Rebel leadership immediately countered it, stating that the Templars had broken their terms by transferring servers. The Templars declaration wrote, “This declaration goes into effect as soon as the CPA League’s draft is over.” After taking a closer look into the issue, the drafting had concluded six minutes before the server transfers occurred. Aside from the timestamp, there had been an argument to defend the Templars’ case given by the former Templars leader, Xing.

The defense presented was regarding the first line of the war declaration stating, “The Templars of Club Penguin hereby declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation,” insisting that the words “hereby” and “declares” both are present tense. Xing responded to the Rebel leadership by saying that it was impossible to declare wars in the past. After carefully listening to both cases, the Club Penguin Armies administration considered both sides and decided to take the issue to the Army League Board. An urgent board meeting was held to vote on whether the Templars had broken their war terms making it valid or not.

The voting had officially concluded at 6:30pm EST the following day, and the administration had announced its decision. The final decision was that the Templars did not break their terms which meant the war was deemed valid.

Bio written by Mare

6. Server Map Launches For Free-Land Invasions

Written by: Actionspark

Rewinding to July when Club Penguin Armies was in its early days, the server map and draft was announced. The announcement of the map would finally unite the community under one map in over a year, granting one of the biggest priorities that were discussed in unifications.

This map not only united all armies on one map which granted hope for more competition and conflict, but it was also the biggest map in army history with a total of 150 servers. With this map announcement, there would be a server draft to it so all armies would start with five servers and a grace period was put in place. In the end, the server map launching also launched a war that would find itself on this very list.

Bio written by Nicky 3070

5. The Formation of Club Penguin Armies

Written by: Max

For the fifth place on the list we have the first ever post of Club Penguin Armies. The one that started it at all.

On July 1, 2022, Club Penguin Armies launched as the primary league and media organization for the community founded by Crazzy, DMT, Luciferstar, Max, Orange, and Spotty. CP Army HQ and Club Penguin Army Network both shut down to support the formation of Club Penguin Armies, bringing unity to the community. To bring more unity, they have also partnered with Club Penguin Army Battleground and Club Penguin Army Judges.

Without the tremendous talks between the media figureheads, the community would not have been able to continue to survive and host such events like the Legends Cup XII and Christmas Chaos XII.

Bio written by Mogi4

4. Templars Declare War on Rebel Penguin Federation, Dispute Ensues Over Server Transfers

Written by: Actionspark

Fourth on the list is the Templars declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation and dispute ensues over server transfers. On July 2022, few days before the Templars declared war on the Rebels, they declared war on the Lime Green Army. However, they rescinded their war deceleration only to now declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Soon after the server draft finished, the Red Ravagers and the Ninjas transferred their land to the Templars. Once the transfers were done, the Templars released their war declaration. The Templar’s main reasons were trash talking. A few hours later, the Rebels replied to the war deceleration in a post claiming that the Templars broke their own rule, “No server transfers,” with evidence, and announce themselves as victorious. Soon after, the Templars released another post with timestamp evidence to which the Templars did not break the “No server transfers” rule. They stated that they released their war declaration 20 seconds after the land transfer from the Ravagers, therefore invalidating the Rebels’ claims.

This was the first time in the year that the big dogs were going to engage in true fight.

Bio written by Mogi4

3. CPA Spotlight Investigation: Special Weapons and Tactics Disqualified from Legends Cup XII After Leader Caught Multilogging 

Written by: Max

In third place we have Special Weapons and Tactics‘s disqualification post from Legends Cup XII due to a leader multi-logging. Pandor, former leader of the Special Weapons, was caught multi-logging two penguins alongside his account for during the warm warm-up for their round one battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. It is believed the multi-logging was done in order to increase the maximum size of the event.

As a result of his actions, Special Weapons and Tactics have been disqualified from Legends Cup XII and the Rebels move on to the Semi-Finals. Club Penguin Armies, alongside Superhero123, launched an investigation and found that all three penguins belonged to the same IP and exited the game at the exact same time. This is not the first time Pandor has been multi-logging, and it was found that the same two penguins were also online at the same time in a different events of the army. Pandor claimed that he got friends/family to attend just for the maximum size, but wasn’t able to provide evidence.

Bio written by Mogi4

2. 4V1: Templars, Ice Warriors, Water Vikings, Help Force Declare War on SWAT

Written by: Sophie

The runner-up for most viewed post of the year was the first alliance war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. On August 23, an alliance that came to be known as the Amongus Alliance unveiled a flurry of declarations concerning serious allegations against certain leaders of the Special Weapons.  Among them, was the accusation of hiring Greeny who was “willingly and trying to ally himself” with the infamous Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

Two of the armies within the alliance, Ice Warriors and Help Force, claimed the Special Weapons where showing signs of aggression, amongst “groundless accusations.” The leaders did initially state the simultaneous declarations did not indicate that the four had formed an alliance, rather that they all were condemning recent behaviors. Ultimately, though, the four would come together with an onslaught of invasions against their lonesome enemy.

The war turned out to be the biggest spectacle of the summer and formed lines in the sand that still have yet to be crossed.

Bio written by Mchappy

1. Deconstructing the SWAT Scandal & Allegations Against Legoman

Written by: Spotty

And finally, the number one post of the year, and without question, was the post that has been brought up twice now, in two separate wars. The allegations against Legoman were serious and rippled throughout the community. Not only did this scandal lead to a number of armies declaring war on the Special Weapons and Tactics, but it caused the man himself to step down from leading. It should be noted that some of the allegations have since been clarified by the likes of Legoman.

The post contained the topics the like of mental health, racism, and the slew of staff that were leaving the army at the time. What started as a fun, quick game of Gartic Phone turned into a night rifled with inappropriate images and slurs. It was a reminder to all army leaders that the safety of your members should be of the utmost importance, especially when you put into perspective that we play on a game that was intended for minors.

In my opinion, while not all of the arguments against Legoman were sound, it provided a first hand example of how armies can impact ones mental health in a negative way. When asked to make a statement about the allegations, Legoman’s initial response included how since he has “rejoined [the Special Weapons], we obtained maxes of 48 US/UK and 40 AUSIA with no allies present.” The desire to recruit nonstop in order to reach “Club Penguin glory,” or for the sake of showing off a myriad of pixels in the shape of a trophy, nothing is worth more than our sanity, our mental health. It’s important to remind ourselves that we all first joined this community as children, teenagers, with the desire to no more than just waddle around and make new friends.

Bio written by Mchappy

These are our Top Ten Posts of 2022! With a new year, and new administrators coming in, we only have more exciting and invigorating content beyond the horizon. An absolute massive shout out to those that helped write the biographies, namely Mogi4 who did the majority. Which post of the year was your favorite?

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