Josh Inducted as Ice Warriors Leader as Levelz Retires

As Levelz retires from Ice Warriors, Josh takes place as leader. Josh will be replacing one leader and will be joining IceQueen as a leader of the Ice Warriors.

On December 31, the Ice Warriors announced that Josh would be inducted into the leadership of Ice Warriors. Josh joined armies when he joined the Golds in April 2020. He stayed there until May 2020 when they merged with the Ice Warriors. Josh followed with the merge began working his way up, eventually becoming a staff by June 2020. Through his dedication to hosting games, recruiting, and voice chat leading, the leaders decided to make him apart of the Higher Command.

Announcement of Josh’s promotion.

Shortly following the announcement, on January 2, Levelz announced that she would be stepping down from the Warriors’ leadership. Levelz, who found themselves thrusted into leadership on August 2, joining the army in October 2020. The icy army plans to hold a retirement event on Sunday, January 8. Despite the army having temporarily pulled away from the league, thus impacting sizes, it seems that they are once more on the rise again.

A recent New Years celebration by the Warriors

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Josh for his views on what the leadership position instills.

What are your thoughts so far on being leader in the Ice Warriors?

So far, being a leader I know there may be a lot of responsibility for me on the way, but I have the mindset that I’ll be prepared for what shall come my way.

Do you have any goals do you have for your army in the future?

Given the state of the Ice Warriors (IW) at this point time, I hope I can make IW as strong as it was before to make sure other armies won’t take us for granted.

What is your favorite memory of your time in armies?

My favorite memory in armies definitely has to be whenever we could host game tournaments on Club Penguin. Those were really fun.

Who or what do you think was the biggest thing that helped you get to your position?

The community as a whole has always encouraged me to succeed, all the way back when I was a troop. They’ve always wanted me to do the best I can in IW and throughout my time, I’ve met people that I’ve looked up to so much as well as those who see me as their idol. Again, I can’t thank the community enough!

Next, we were able to get a statement from Levelz themself about their time at the Ice Warriors.

I’m retiring from Ice Warriors (IW) because I don’t really feel the same as I used to about Club Penguin armies. I’ve gotten busier in real life and have had a lot more things to do, and now there’s just a lot of other more important things in my life that I’d rather spend my time on and it doesn’t feel right being around and not really doing as much so I think it’s best that I step down right now!

Ice Warriors, which use to tout one of the larger list of active leaders in the community, has now dwindled to only two. We wish Josh all the luck, and hope the best for Levelz. How do you think this will impact the Warriors?

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