Club Penguin Armies Person of the Year 2022

With the year officially drawing to a close, the Club Penguin Armies administration are proud to announce the Person of the Year 2022.


CPA Central first launched Person of the Year back in 2012, where it ran annually until their closure in 2016. The title took a hiatus until 2020, when Club Penguin Army Hub decided to bring the prestigious title back. Throughout the last ten years, the community has witnessed individuals such as Badboy and Flipmoo win the title, with Crazzy and Xing being our most recent winners. Essentially, Person of the Year focuses on the person that as been spoken about most throughout the year, in addition to community wide impact. Although, it must be highlighted that the impact can indeed be both positive and negative. The winner of Person of the Year does not have had to change our community for the better, nor move it in a new direction. Person of the Year is the one who everyone has been talking about the most.

Before we proceed with the five runner-ups and the official ‘Person of the Year’, I would like to highlight some of the names that were considered for the post but did not quite make it. Honourable mentions included Calgo, ACP Leader, Link3000, RPF Leader and Max, Ex CPA Administrator. However, only five individuals could be included in the post. I think that everyone can certainly agree that our Person of the Year for 2022 most definitely deserves it.

Furthermore, I would like to thank Dino for our amazing Person of the Year Graphics, they truly are amazing.

The runner ups have been ordered alphabetically. 

Aaronstone42: Runner-up:

The Vigorous Viking

In this community we have seen many people go from originally being unsuccessful and laughed-off noobs to one of the more impactful people in a year. We’ve seen this plenty of times. I think this perfectly describes the tale of Aaronstone42. A person who for almost all of his Original-CPA tenure was laughed off and struggled, and yet still proved them all wrong by truly putting WV on the map in the CPPS era.

Aaronstone joined CPA somewhere around 2009 as apart of the Ice Warriors army, but he didn’t stay long as he would become of the original members of the Doritos army. Aaron was a very eager troop who by no means felt his immaturity was in any way annoying. He had blissful loyalty; loyalty people to their home armies even when treated horribly there. Aaron was a regular in DCP’s higher command for 2 years, going from 2nd-in-Command, to leader-in-training, to leader, and back to 2ic in a cycle that happened quite often. He by no means had blossomed into a virtuoso yet but he understood very well what a community-based army means.

Aaron bounced around plenty of different army leaderships over the years, going from UMA—to Water Vikings—to Air Force—to Water Vikings, and so many other armies both within those tenures and afterwards. Aaron was a cosmopolitan, but that was fueled by the lack of stability wherever he went. The loyal and funny, yet also inexperienced and immature character Aaron embraced either made him a liked or hated man, and often subjected him to S/M armies.

The Sole Survivors

When one joins the CPA community, they are expected to think of armies as nothing but just a mindless game. Not realizing the commitment, devotion, and determination it takes to run a thriving army and be the #1 army is overlooked. The work ethic of this prominent army figure falls very similar to the words said by the famous Kobe Bryant, “Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.” These words perfectly describe the work ethic of Crazzy, aka Crazzyhead.

Crazzy joined the CPA community in June 2019 as a troop in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Racing through the ranks, she joined RPF’s staff team in September, where later in December, she was promoted to third-in-command, where she began to have a keen interest in army affairs and wanted to contribute more to RPF. However, her most significant contribution was the notable Defense of Tuxedo against Chaos during World World Rewritten. In addition, leading RPF to a victory in CPAM’s Premier League tournament, Crazzy’s already impressive achievements that were only the beginning of her blooming career. Crazzy was promoted to leader in early June of 2020, to lead alongside her co-leader Cosmo, where together they would lead a golden era of RPF.

Immediately she sprang into action by leading RPF into victory against Ice Warriors during an intense Legends Cup X semi-finals battle, then winning the Legends Cup X Title against Help Force, maxing a total of 162+ during the finals round. Following the tournament, she served as a vital member in forming the Black Ice Alliance with Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. Crazzy led alongside the other BIA leaders to mitigate the New Dawn Alliance, successfully captured the Doritos of CP capital of Summit, and won the war. Crazzy added various victories to her resume, including winning the Fright or Fight Tournament against Army of Club Penguin, the Black Seas War against Water Vikings, and the Christmas Chaos finals against Ice Warriors, followed by her retirement in early January. Crazzy’s contributions have allowed her to obtain multiple awards, such as 2020 Army Legend, RPF Legend, and she received the community’s most prestigious award of CPAH’s Person of the Year Award.

Dabbling into community involvement, she served as an advisor for CPAH, where she was voted as their best advisor, became a founder of CPAHQ, and was a head moderator. Despite the turmoil of the army community in 2022, Crazzy focused on reuniting the community again with various other individuals by bringing CPAHQ and CPAN together to create Club Penguin Armies League, where she is currently one of the longest-standing admins since its creation. Serving as key figure in the organization and winning the “Best Admin” award at the End of the Year Gala it is evident that Crazzy is doing everything in her power to make sure the league remains alive. From working with the media department, to serving as a respective mentor to various of the staff members in the organization, to being an admin who has a voice and is willing to listen to the voice of other, her consistent determination to restore the community and the unseen work behind the scenes that she is consistently doing to keep the CPA organization afloat, she really is fighting the good fight.
When you hear the name Spotty, the first instinct is to Coup Spotty. As much as half of the community favors for this simple statement to go through, if this were to go through, the army community would have not been where it is today due to Spotty’s contributions.

Entering the army community in 2018, she first joined Rebel Penguin Federation, where shortly after she found herself into the Help Force of CP server, becoming leader in January of 2019. Alongside her co-leaders at the time, she won the Summar Bash tournament against the Pirates, bringing home Help Force’s first tournament trophy and was a keynote member in Help Force’s transition to CPR. Throughout her reign, she has led the army to #1 during the month of January. Her more notable work lies within her leadership during Dark Warriors. She placed emphasis on CPPS recruiting for the army to help increase its size, revived DW’s AUSIA division and was well known for hosting their famous themed weeks for their DW community. Alongside her co-leader Noa and BIA leaders, she successfully fought against the New Dawn Alliance and Water Vikings and during their 13th anniversary, they successfully maxed over 90 penguins. She eventually retired in December of 2020, taking a small break before joining Army of Club Penguin in March of 2020 where she worked her way up to HCOM.

Legoman: Runner-up

The Tenacious Target

In just under 3 years of activity [the shortest out of all of our nominees this year], Legoman has certainly made an undeniable impact on the CPA community.

Initially joining the community via Dark Warriors, Lego’s biggest successes within armies have come from his three leadership stints within SWAT. He helped SWAT gradually push its maxes with consistently absurd recruitment efforts, reaching impressive averages of 40-45 during the later summer months earlier this year and overall helping SWAT reach major status in August for the first time since the CPO era. This was even enough to secure SWAT 2nd place on the Top Ten, which has since been repeated numerous times including in the final weekly Top Ten of 2022.

However, Legoman did not gain notoriety within the CPA community for his successes. With an uncontrollable ego and desire to build his armies into a powerhouse [to say nothing of his Legend-related ambitions], Lego quickly built up a reputation for his charismatic, albeit borderline egomaniacal persona.

Controversy has followed Lego for much of his army career. Originating in his ban from Ice Warriors for supporting a universally disliked army, Lego has since gone on to raise eyebrows community-wide over his actions. From his outlandish attempts to gain advisors in every single army; his usage of Club Penguin Forever to benefit SWAT [managing to max 67 thanks to this tactic, though this event was ignored by CPAHQ/CPAN]; his involvement in controversies relating to SWAT [e.g. the hiring of Greeny and Lukey, which among other factors led to four armies declaring war on SWAT in August]; numerous accusations involving alleged failures to moderate SWAT chats; and so on. We really could sit here all day listing them off.

Most recently, the controversy culminated in September with a post by Club Penguin Armies itself which discussed numerous recent allegations raised against Legoman specifically, and yet another war between SWAT and Templars, the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings and Help Force throughout December. 

Legoman’s future within the community remains unclear, having recently released a post of his own finally addressing all of the allegations raised by CPA org’s post, along with a few historic accusations. In it, Lego went to great lengths to debunk allegations such as the infamous Gartic Phone controversy [demonstrating limits with moderating Gartic Phone itself and providing new perspectives on what happened] whilst also taking accountability for comments and mistakes made in the past. Legoman’s post also calls into question whether some of the allegations levelled against him were truly worthy of the strong condemnation he has faced throughout the year. At the end of the day, if there’s one thing that can be said for sure, it’s that everyone is curious to see what Lego does next.


It goes without saying that Legoman has been a proverbial household name within the community over the past year. He was partially responsible for two of the year’s biggest conflicts, he has gotten plenty of attention for his persistence and determination to come out on top in spite of adversity, and has arguably been involved in more drama than anyone else this year as a whole. It is for these reasons that Legoman has been nominated as a Person Of The Year 2022 runner-up.

– Rowan Alden, CPA Vice Producer

Superhero123: Runner-up:

The Committed Coder

With a career that will enter its second decade this year, Superhero123 is one of our community’s most well known figures. With legendary stints in Smart Penguins; the creation of the Warlords of Kosmos; and stints in the Water Vikings as Viking Commander, Super is no stranger to the needs of the community.

This shined through when Super created CPA:TG in 2019 which was a game that catered solely to armies without interference from a CPPS administration. It was with the creation of CPA:TG Super was awarded the highly prestigious Army Legend title. However it was in 2022 when Super truly lived up to his name. With the sudden shutdown of Club Penguin Rewritten the community was sent into the unknown without a trustworthy CPPS to continue on with. Seeing this unfold before him, Super launched Club Penguin Army Battleground a week after CPR closed and a month ahead of schedule so that the community could continue on safely. In 2022 Super lived up to his moniker and became our community’s Superhero which is why he has earned a spot as a Person of the Year runner up.

-Aaronstone42, Former Water Vikings Leader

Xing: Winner

The Revenant Ravager

To win Person of the Year once is incredible, yet to win twice is the impossible made possible. Many will claim the sheer lack of competition practically bestowed the title upon him once again yet to be 1st for fifty weeks in a row, smashing the previous record of twenty one, is nothing that can be achieved without hard work. Throughout 2022, Templars has warred with practically everyone taking both victory and defeat in countless conflicts with the Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings and SWAT however most importantly taking victory in the Legends Cup XII becoming only the 4th army to ever lift the prestigious award.

To call Templars an army isn’t quite right, Xing through both lunacy and genius has morphed Templars from an army into his own cult. Every troop knows Xing, they want to talk to Xing, they want to impress Xing, they want to embody Xing and his persona. Perhaps through puerility or sheer cunning, Xing has developed an uncanny ability to connect with the modern day recruit leading to a bulk of Templar forces being made up of the “Roblox recruits”. Every single new recruit is exposed to Xing and his methodology, he is constantly talking to them for hours upon hours as his charismatic persona charms them into attending for the army. When Xing starts a new trend they all copy and like a plague it spreads across the community. xd nice.

Two changes Xing made to Templars have stuck with me as majorly influential in Templars’ success. The first being the meaninglessness of ranks. Ranks mean nothing in Templars, all you are is a servant of the Emperor. Conceptually it’s always been understood that higher ranks should be hard to attain, come with prestige and to be earned through passion yet Templars flips the script. Anyone can join for anything, there is nothing to it. Secondly, with the ranks being inconsequential, Xing decided to flip the narrative on the armies High Command chat and expose extremely low ranks to it. As of writing, currently after role addition, 135+ people have access to the High Command chat. This gets people involved extremely early on, giving them a sense of importance.

Similarly to last year, this year has been full of controversy for Xing continuing to battle allegations of all kind from those in the community however his addiction and love for Templars has not wavered for a moment. Everyday no matter the day he is there, a new speech is here, a new initiative has begun, another war is on the horizon. There is never a moment he is not thinking about Templars and the next move. Whether it be calculated or just plain stupidity, the passion and desire to see another Templar victory is the addiction and is done by whatever means necessary. Focally it is impossible not to look upon Xing and Templars as the centrepiece of armies and is a complete tribute to his success that the Emperor once again stands alone at the top, with another year of dominance behind him.

-Popcorny, Templars Advisor

And so the Person of the Year 2022 comes to a close, as we say goodbye to a chaotic year. Throughout the last few weeks, the administration team have been involved in numerous discussions to be able to narrow down the list to just six individuals, but we feel that these are the people that have been the most spoken about this year. 2022 has most certainly been a difficult year as we bid farewell to Club Penguin Rewritten and once again joined together under a unified league. We look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring. From everyone here at CPA, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

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