End of Year Awards 2022

The time has come once again for us to bid farewell to another year, however, before we do, it is time for the End of Year Awards! There is certainly no better way to end the year than thanking all of our amazing staff, whilst voting on some of the biggest moments of the year!

The Administration have put together nine awards, recognising each of the roles within the staff team, including the reporters, moderators, and judges. Additionally, five of these awards were voted on by the community, such as biggest moment, whilst the rest were decided by the Administration, Top Ten Committee and Community Committee Heads, Head Mod and the Head Judges.


Best Chief Executive Officer

First place: Crazzy (28 votes)

Second place: Spotty (20 votes)

Third placeMax and Orange (10 votes)

5th: DMT (7 votes), 6th: Luciferstar (3 votes).


Best Reporter

First place: Mchappy (19 votes)

Second place: Disha (16 votes)

Third place: Kally, Mogi4 and Ryebread (10 votes)

6th: Nicky (9 votes), Action (4 votes).


Controversial moment

First placeSWAT Disqualified from Legends Cup (27 votes)

Second place: 4 admins leaving CPA (17 votes)

Third place: Legends Cup Review Drama (14 votes)

4th: The SWAT strawhats switcheroo (10 votes), 5th: The ban of LGA Leaders (8 votes), 6th: Klutzy multilogging again (2 votes).



First place: CPR Closing (35 votes)

Second place: Templars winning Legends Cup (17 votes)

Third place: CPAB Opening (10 votes)

4th: The SWAT – Strawhats Chaos (8 votes), 5th: CPA creation – Unification (5 votes), 6th: CPAJ Creation – Major Unification Step (3 votes).



First place: Da Best (24 votes)

Second place: Krosive (17 votes)

Third place: Lordpain (15 votes)

4th: Bscharbach (14 votes), 5th: Pandor (8 votes). 



Winners: Mchappy and Mogi4

Mchappy and Mogi4 have claimed the title for most active community committee members. Starting with Mchappy, he holds the record for hosting the most games and polls and has certainly been the most proactive member. As for Mogi4, he is always willing to host some of the most creative games and is always willing to give input about various events. Both Mogi and Mchappy have been key helpers in various of our community event such as the planning of our community End of the Summer Gala, Murder Mystery Halloween event, Legends Cup Trophy Collection Hunt and Christmas Chaos Bingo event. As these two have helped a lot, Purple05 and Action Spark, must also be recognized for their tremendous help and contribution towards our community wide events and to Caitlin for being the VC Queen during events and tournament season. Their contribution has not gone unnoticed. Congrats to everyone and keep up the great work!

~ DrQueen



Winner: Dino

Since being promoted to Head of Branding in August, Dino has certainly claimed the title for most active designer. He has certainly gone above and beyond for CPA, helping to design our website, creating graphics for tournaments such as Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos XII. He also ensures that the graphics team continues to run smoothly and design amazing thumbnails for our posts. CPA would be lost without Dino and his amazing graphic skills!

~ Spotty

Best Judge

Winners: Comedy and Sanya

Sanya is a judge who often saves the day! Whether it’s a freeland invasion, war or a tournament, they would repeatedly stay up late to help, if there is no one else available. They are not only active and diligent but also very competent and that’s why Sanya was our obvious choice for the award.
We believe that Comedy is certainly a judge, who’s always both unbiased and very skillful, with a huge experience. Her support, especially during wars and tournaments, was something that the whole community relied on, which certainly is a reason to give the award to Comedy.

~ Wynn


Winners: Mare and Sanya

Both Mare and Sanya personified what (insert award name I assume best moderators) should be. Both of them went above and beyond with being active in main chat being readily available at all times incase people needed them to hand out punishments to those breaking the rules and perfectly vetting people when they entered the discord. The CPA community chat is much safer because of them and their actions should not go unnoticed by the community.

~ Aaronstone



Winners: Dino and Mogi4

Since joining Top Ten, Mogi has been a very integral part of the team. Always picks up assignments, is very punctual and just overall a team player. There is no doubt that he is deserving of this award! Dino is one of the most active and reliable members of the team. His submissions were always on time, well prepared and double checked. Dino also suggested a new, clearer format that everyone is now using so we had no doubts who to choose for the award.
~ Link3000 & Wynn
A huge congratulations to everyone who won an award, every single one of you deserved it! Although its not the end of the awards, we have more surprise awards. The Administration team are pleased to announce the return of the Administration’s Amusing Awards:
  • Most likely to procrastinate a project for two years: EDEN
  • Most likely to go on a tangent about his superiority: LORD PAIN
  • Most likely to request a review: SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS
  • Most likely to complain about the Top Ten: SPINSTER
  • Most likely to act like he’s an admin: AARONSTONE
  • Most likely to be vetoed: SPOTTY
  • Most likely to be muted: KROSIVE
  • Most likely to make new friends: ELSA
  • Most likely to express his love for cpanhq: DA BEST
  • Most likely to illegitimately revive an ancient news org for clicks: BSCHARBACH2
  • Most likely to forget about the Top Ten: CALGO
  • Most talked about member of the community in the CPA admin gc: DRQUEEN
  • Most likely to get cancelled: LEGOMAN
Once again, a massive thank you to both our staff and the community for your continuous support through the year. Here at Club Penguin Armies we hope you all have an amazing and Happy New Year!

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