Toxic Storm Departs From SWAT Leadership

A few days back, Special Weapons and Tactics witnessed the departure of one of their long-serving leaders, Toxic Storm. Having been declared war on by three armies only recently, let us see how his retirement has impacted the army.

On December 21, before the agents got declared war upon, one of their leaders, Toxic Storm/Sauron retired from the Special Weapons and Tactics. Coolguy, one of his co-leaders, made an official announcement about the same, stating that Toxic felt that it was the best time to retire, after having served in the army since September, and wished to depart from the army community altogether.

Coolguy’s official announcement about Toxic Storm’s retirement

Toxic Storm or Sauron has been in the army community since the original Club Penguin era. He is known for leading renowned armies like the Shadow Troops, and the Coup Crusaders and has also led the first generation of Secret Service for a brief period. Pertaining to last year’s August, he created a meme army with Pandor, called the Wet Army Penguins which went on to become an official Small-Medium Army in the community participating in not only tournaments but wars as well. Apart from this, he served as Staff in several armies, some of them being – Water Troops, Dark Champions, and Golden Guardians.
On August 26, Toxic was inducted as one of the leaders of Special Weapons and Tactics, alongside Rye and Pandor, and had been leading the army since then before he stepped down, three days back. More information about his time with the Special Weapons and Tactics can be found in this article, titled, Leader Interviews: Toxic Storm where he not only talks about his experiences in the army community but his favorite memories and hobbies.

SWAT vs. RPF, Legends Cup XII

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Toxic Storm for an interview about his retirement and future plans.

What is the reason behind your retirement from the army?

Well I’ve been planning to retire from armies for a while now after it’s been almost 3 years of me being in them, in addition to swat now having a completely different philosophy that clashes with mine, so I think it is time for me to let go.

What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army at large?

Different leaders mold the army differently, I did what I could and I think any leaders absence won’t affect any army much, so I think it is up to the rest of the leaders on how things will go on.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army, during your time?

Well, I did for the most part, but also not much towards the end, it’s a team effort, so no one leader can execute everything they wanted.

What would you say has been the best thing about being a leader?

Well, the best thing was seeing troops grow, things being fixed up, and progress being made in the TT.

Could you share your favorite memory or memories of the army, if it’s not too personal?

Probably leading monster mash and Legends Cup was nice, the wins we got were a sign of the army improving and it made me proud of the success that was achieved by the entire army.

Do you plan to come back at any time in the future?

To swat no, as a leader again in other armies definitely not, meme army events or fun events maybe, I think I did all that I wanted to do when it comes to my personal goals which were being part of shadow troops again and working on Secret Service, I think I have nothing left to do or any reason to return tbh.

Any final advice that you would like to convey to the leaders and the army?

I have nothing to say to the other leaders since nothing I say will matter to them and to their egos, they will hopefully grow up and not make the same mistakes over again. SWAT was always filled with drama and some of the people in swat rn will always keep it that way, I just hope a peaceful swat can exist just like the one I was able to have during my leadership, and for the friends I have there, I hope you guys have fun and keep smiling, nothing In this life is worth being stressed about, Goodluck.


In his three months of leadership, Toxic has been an integral part of not only the army but the community as well. As Coolguy mentioned, while the departure of a leader may take the agents down a number, the army will carry on and will strive to fight for glory. We wish Toxic Storm the very best in all of his future endeavors!

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