CPA Holiday Season 2022

With Christmas now just days away, Club Penguin Armies are pleased to announce that we have multiple events planned to help you get in the festive cheer! We are excited to outline our plans for the Holiday Season, as we celebrate the busy year of 2022 with various awards and rewinds.


Legend Inductions 2022

Like usual, the legend induction process will once again take place at the end of this year, as it is decided who will be awarded the status of a 2022 legend. Similar to previous years, the process will be ran independently of media organisations, with a team of currently active legends working on a nominations list. Once this list has been finalised, CP Armies will provide the platform in which the community will have access to the biographies of the nominees. Furthermore, the coverage will give people the chance to vote, and when the voting process comes to an end, the community will be kept updated on the latest reactions to the results.


End of Year Gala and cp army staff awards

After a year full of success but also many controversies, on the 29th December we have the chance to unite together and celebrate the end of 2022. The End of the Year Gala is one of the most important events of the year that unites the community together for the holidays in addition to celebrating each other’s success. However, unlike previous years, to thank our hardworking staff for all they have done, we will dedicate part of the evening to our staff to honor all their hard work. The CPA administration will put together a ballot where the community can vote for their favorite army and staff members, and the winners will be announced throughout the night. After the awards ceremony, we will proceed to a fun game night, where we play Jackbox and various other activities! Make sure you attend, as the administration team will end the evening with a special announcement that you do not want to miss!


Person of the Year 2022

One of the most prestigious awards of the year is back once again. CP Armies are pleased to announce that the Person of the Year 2022 will be announced as we bid farewell to another busy year. The big question is, who has impacted the community the most throughout 2022 and deserves to be crowned Person of the Year. Luckily you won’t have to wait too long, as the winner and runners-up will be announced before we ring in the New Year.


CP Army Rewind 2022

The CPA rewind for 2022 will follow a similar format to that of CP Army Headquarter’s rewind post from last year. The rewind will consist of a reflection of each month of 2022, whilst reviewing the most important events that occurred within the last year, compiled by our media team. The past twelve months has most certainly been busy for armies, as we witnessed the closure of various leagues and armies. The rewind is due out around the beginning of the new year, similar to the other two top ten posts.


Top Ten Posts of 2022

CP armies will continue the tradition to announce the Top Ten posts of 2022. As various notable events occurred this year, such as the closure of Club Penguin Rewritten and the merge of two leagues, our reporters have worked around the clock to bring the community posts that were either striking, controversial, or influential. With the recent development of the Opinion Post Sector in the media department, perhaps those posts are what captivated the community. Regardless, only one post can be crowned as the best post of 2022 and may the best post win.


Top Ten Armies of the Year

CP Armies are pleased to announce that they will be announcing the top ten armies of the year, starting from the first January top ten to the last in December. The post will include all armies that were included in at least one top ten this year. We look at how the community has changed from 2021, whilst finding out how each army has performed through the ups and downs of this year. Who will be crowned the Top Army of 2022?

As we can now officially begin our Christmas period at CP Armies, hope that as many of you get involved as possible. We look forward to the various content that we will be publishing, in addition to celebrating all our awards winners. On behalf of the Administration and Community Committee team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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