Circus Alliance Prepares to Defend From Special Weapons

Following a quick chain of events, the community sees another war centered around accusations hurdled at the Special Weapons and Tactics. The community erupts into another alliance war.

On December 21, the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings, and the Templars, in a three-way alliance, declare war upon Special Weapons and Tactics. This action came as a surprise as just earlier the week prior the Army of Club Penguin and Special Weapons had formed an alliance. In the official declaration of war post, the Commander in Chief of the Clovers, Calgocubs21, credited this change to the fact that Special Weapons made plans to go to war with the Help Force. Due to the fact that the alliance between the two armies hinged on the fact it does not against the Clovers’ “brother-in-arms,” the alliance was not only revoked but erupted into a war.

Calgocubs21 also stated that Legoman and Logical, two leaders of Special Weapons and Tactics, casually discussed a possible declaration of war on the Army of Club Penguin during a voice call right in front of him, continuously mocking them as allies. They did this after Calgocubs21 refused their proposal to gang up against the Rebel Penguin Federation. A few days later, the Help Force transferred their entire nation to the Clovers and the rest is history.

Logical, prior to the war, expressing his thoughts on the Army of Club Penguin

On top of the Clover’s allegations, Templars leader Xing cited our very own post on Legoman’s past scandal as his reasoning for declaring war. In that post, Legoman was accused of manipulating staff and allowing racism in the Special Weapons’ server. Xing also stated that army allows people who engage in malicious activity.

Exclusive statement from Xing

The three armies agreed upon Circus Alliance as the name for their alliance. The top army in the alliance, the Templars, have occupied the top position in the Top Ten for 50 weeks in a row and are known for maxing over 50. The Army of Club Penguin, coming in second, has consistently ranked in the fifth spot and typically max 20. Finally, there’s the Dark Vikings, which have shown some inconsistency in rankings. Special Weapons and Tactics, on the other hand, has shifted between the second and third position in the Top Tens and have recently been on the rise.

December 22, Battle of Sapphire Mines

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Krosive and Xing of the Circus Alliance to get their comments. Calgocubs21 did not get back with us.

Could you summarize your reasons for declaring war on SWAT?

Krosive: They have [(allegedly) malicious people in their army]. Also, they were getting too gassed up and it was annoying.

Xing: I can speak for the whole coalition and say that it was a multitude of reasons. Ranging from troop stealing, massive egos[,] and other things that are better left unsaid due to confidentiality reasons.

What’s your plan to win this war?

Krosive: To remove the corruption from them as they have the [brown-noser] Logical who [brown-nosed] and got leader.

Xing: Invade and defend with our allies, it is as simple as that.

How long do you think this war will last?

Krosive: It will be finished by end of the year.

Xing: Another week or so.

Any final comments?

Xing: Special Weapons and Tactics must learn that repeating the same mistakes have it’s consequences. Regardless of how much they whine and cry about being ganged on everyone in a [three versus one]. If everyone has an issue with what you do and they go after you for it, that is your issue and responsibility to fix it. If you do not, then they will keep coming after you regardless.

Club Penguin Armies also sat down with Special Weapons and Tactics Commander Coolguy to get his take.

What’s your reaction to the Circus Alliance declaring war?

My first reaction was [WHAT? The Army of Club Penguin?!] As for the rest of them… Am I surprised? Hardly. However, hearing that name… it’s like a circus in [Club Penguin armies], too many clowns around.

The Circus Alliance has made many allegations against the Special Weapons. What is your response to these allegations?

The post speaks for itself, no response is needed. As for allowing shifty people into the army that was the [Amongus Alliance] war and we have been through and done a lot since then so some things are being recycled. Sometimes people don’t need a reason to go to war but they will make one to make it seem just. In the original army community, people would declare war for a load of [crap]. Could have been for a stray comment, because of a person, or simply because they’re an army and they want their land. Now people are too scared to go to war without having a reason.

Although, saying that, I don’t think Dark Vikings have a genuine reason other than supporting their allies in what they wish to accomplish which is just armies. [We] won’t back down from a challenge though, always happy to entertain and grow from war.

With both sides refusing to give up, it looks like this is shaping up to be a dramatic end to this year. Will the Circus Alliance come out on top, or will the Special Weapons and Tactics pull off a surprise victory?

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