Communist Party of Club Penguin Open Their Doors to All

Appearing for the first time on last week’s Top Ten, the Communist Party of Club Penguin have opened their doors to the community. The army has since been accepted to the Army Board after meeting the size requirements.

Originally opening on November 9, the Communist Party of Club Penguin was unable to meet the size threshold to be inducted. However, after a recruitment drive and a little help from some friends, on November 16 the red army finally registered officially with a posted maximum size of 12. Since their creation, the army has attempted to invade free land but have yet to muster up the numbers in order to do so.

Opening event

The army has a less strictly structured high command than other armies. The figurehead- known as the Tsar- of the Communist Party is currently Bonk, but much of the day-to-day duties are handled by Josh. This is not the first time an army using the Communist ideology has propped up, with the most well known example being the Underground Mafias Army.

An example of a logo utilized by the Underground Mafias Army

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Josh for an interview about the newly founded army.

What sets your army apart from other small and medium armies?

I think what sets our army apart from others is simply the fact we’re a new idea of what Club Penguin armies can be come to life. I might be wrong, and I might be right, but I think our outgoing attitudes to learn and aspire for the top is what’ll set up apart from other armies that have already made it.

Do you have any specific goals during your leadership?

Our main goal I’d say is to make it on one of the top ten leaderboards. I’m not sure how we’ll accomplish it though as I’m still learning but we’ll do it eventually!

Already the Communist Party have achieved their goal of making it to the Top Ten as they found themselves settled nicely at the seventh position. Will these fresh faces be able to make a splash and become known as great leaders?

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