Dawnables Inducted as Templars Leader

The Templars announced the promotion of Dawnables to Leader on the evening of November 18. She replaces Cabin in Templars’ leadership.

Dawnables – better known today as just Dawn – originally joined the army community in 2019 and has since spent time as staff in numerous armies, from the Lime Green Army, to the Army of Club Penguin, to Help Force. She retired from armies in 2020 but returned in the summer of this year to join Templars as staff. She has since worked her way up the ranks, reaching Leader in Training.

A Templars event from this week

Templars itself has seen an eventful few weeks, from their war with the Water Vikings to their numerous invasions on the official server map, taking up the land left behind by Water Viking’s temporary closure. In addition, Cabin’s retirement a few weeks ago left an opening in Templars’ leadership. Dawnables’ promotion finally fills this gap.

Dawn’s speech upon being made a leader

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dawnables for an interview about her promotion.

What was your reaction to finding out you were being made Templars leader?

I was a bit surprised that I was gonna be [one of the] leaders, mainly because Cabin had barely just left and I had barely started the process of learning to lead. Overall I was happy that I was gonna be put in this position.

Do you have any plans/goals for Templars during your leadership?

My main goal for Templars is to continue the number one status and to continue the expansion of the community.

Dawnables’ experiences across the armies community will doubtlessly aid Templars in their quest to maintain their as-of-today 45-week streak as this community’s number one army. Will it be enough to see Templars to the finals of the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament?

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