CPA Spotlight: Klutzy Found Multilogging Once Again

Following a practice battle between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics earlier this week, multiple rumors have materialized involving Klutzy. After a thorough investigation, a one-man multilogging incident has been unmasked by the Club Penguin Armies administration.

On November 9th the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics were seen preparing to meet each other on the battlefield, as they underwent a warm up for their arranged battle. With there not being any signs of ulterior motives, this meet-up was set to be solely for practice. However, it would appear that a rogue SWAT staff member Klutzy had other plans,  as he revealed that he was using an alternate account to watch the Vikings.

Following such a statement, it was reported that a family member had been asked to attend the practice battle. With the community beginning to learn of this, Club Penguin Armies launched an investigation alongside Superhero123. As shown below, the CPA Battleground bot found the same login IP address from the previous seven days, on two different accounts, K90SWAT and SwatBOT. This means that from 2:47 EST to 2:55 EST, Klutzy was present on two accounts during the practice battle’s warm-up.

The administration team decided to reach out to Klutzy to ask him more about the incident, and to find out why these two accounts had the same IP. The conversation begun as expected, with claims of a family member logging on being made. But as time went on, Klutzy eventually admitted that both of these accounts were indeed him on different tabs.

Further investigation also revealed that another multilogging occurrence took place a month ago on October 4th. The penguins ‘K90SWAT’ and ‘LoveYou’ were online from 4:20pm EST to 4:30pm EST on the same login IP address. Additionally, both accounts were also seen online during 6:55pm EST to 7:33pm EST on November 2nd, though this time in two different armies. After once again contacting Klutzy, it was confirmed that both of these accounts belonged to him and that he did indeed multilog.

Although, confirmation of various multilogging scenarios are of no surprise, as just last year, previous allegations were confirmed against Klutzy. To conclude our investigation, we contacted SWAT leader Coolguy who provided a statement, confirming that he was not in attendance during the event, nor aware of any multilogging incidence. 

Honestly, I don’t think anyone truly understands what exactly went on. Being logged onto 2 accounts is 1 thing, but being logged in on 2 accounts for 2 different armies? We don’t condone multi-logging and we never have but I don’t even know what this can be called. It’s like fighting against yourself essentially. Klutsy was relieved of his duties after this event and clearly doesn’t represent SWAT. From here, SWAT will continue fighting to become the best and keep rising. :swatsalute:

As a consequence of Klutzy’s numerous multilogging occurrences, any army event involving the following accounts: K90SWAT, LoveYou, HerbertIW, SWATBot and Klutzy will be deducted from any size scores this week.

After already being caught in the past, it is clear that Klutzy did not learn his lesson, as his actions have not only impacted SWAT, but any army that he has attended previously, especially within the last week. Once again, Club Penguin Armies would like to remind everyone that any form of multilogging will be punished and is prohibited in the community – whether this is just to increase maximum sizes in the warm-up or during an event or battle itself.

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