Special Weapons and Tactics Regain Major Status

Special Weapons and Tactics have reclaimed their Major status. After August, this is their second run as a major army. Let us take a look at what the army has been up to since August.

On November 6, the Special Weapons and Tactics moved from being an S/M army to a Major one, once again. Having completed the necessary criteria and requirements of receiving size points of 20+ for three consecutive weeks as announced in the recent Top Ten Armies post – the army earned the status of a Major army, thus joining the Major league as the 7th Major army in the community.

A recent SWAT event

A week after receiving the major status in August, the army received a war declaration from four armies, due to concerning allegations regarding the army’s conduct and the morality of the leadership. The agents did participate in the war showing up for battles against the Templars and the Water Vikings. However, they decided not to attend the invasions scheduled against them by the Help Force and the Ice Warriors. With the coming of September, the army witnessed a new era as new leaders were inducted into the leadership. Following the election, SWAT was force-treatied by the four armies, after an attempt to exit the war by surrendering to, the Strawhats.

SWAT during war

There was a gradual drop in size and a dip in activity after the war ended. However, despite the war causing them enough damage, the agents were able to bounce back with their hard work, dedication, and resilience. The army not only strengthened its Higher Command and Staff but also hosted exciting events and game nights to keep their community engaged and intact, in addition to recruiting competitions. They also took part in this year’s Legends Cup, where the army maxed 36 in their first round against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

SWAT at the Legends Cup

The month of October had the army host Division Battles amongst themselves, alongside continuing with recruiting tourneys. This only encouraged more activity and participation from the troops, ensuring consistency and growth, which has led to them bagging the second position in the Top Ten Armies once again, and becoming a Major Army.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Rye, one of the current Leaders of the army, to know her thoughts on the army moving to Major and its future plans.

What do you think has helped the army the most to reclaim its Major status?

Definitely our newfound motivation. I’ll be honest, after the Second Eagre Foray war, we wanted to prove the community of how great we could be. We stepped up our game, with a new system of moderation and an improved staff team. We added new things to do in the discord server, new ideas for events, and rekindled the meaning of SWAT as an army. Then, Legends Cup happened. Most of us were burned out after that point and didn’t know what to do, really. Personally, I felt defeated. But because of our HCOM team, most notably Seu11, aisha, broona, Logical and Bull Hour; their determination is what brought us back. our team recruited and mentored new troops every day, and trained our troops at every event. So, to answer your question, our army has reunited. Our major status was achieved because of how motivated SWAT has become.

How is the army planning to move ahead?

As of right now, we’re aiming for the #1 spot on the top tens, of course. We plan to reconnect with others, reconnect with those whose ties were broken by former leaders. No more grudges, no more silly drama. We are moving forward with a fresh start.

Oh, and Christmas Chaos, we’re v excited about that 😀

What advice would you give to an army that is working towards achieving Major Status?

Train your troops. Choose the ones who really care about the army, not those who are only here for nitro or robux or whatever. Those are the people who will learn willingly, learn about the community, the history, and the ones who will fill your shoes down the line. It’s about quality, not quantity.
It seems that Rye and the rest of the staff are determined in making sure that the army keeps going strong as it has, and getting better with every coming day. We can’t wait to see what the future has got in store for the Agents. We wish Rye, and the Special Weapons and Tactics, the very best in all their future endeavors. How will this status impact the army, and what can the community expect from them in the coming future?

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