Water Vikings-Templars War Comes to Sudden End

In an unexpected twist of fate, just two days since their declaration, the Water Vikings and the Templars have called an end to their war. With an overall war score of 1-1-0, the two armies agreed on a tied result.

On 2nd November, unexpected shockwaves were sent across the community as the Templars suddenly declared war on the Water Vikings. However, following army tradition this declaration like others before, was not drama free. The Water Vikings were quick to claim that these terms were invalid, causing them to put their own conditions for a war forward. Xing agreed to these new terms, officially beginning the war. Although since that original declaration, only two battles have been fought.

Templars’ Invasion of Jack Frost

The first battle of this short-lived war saw the Templars invade Jack Frost. Identical to the length of the war, this battle concluded after just one room due to the Water Vikings not showing up. Consequently, Templars won the battle by default with a max of 59 soldiers.

Templars at the Invasion of Jack Frost.

Water Vikings’ Invasion of Fiesta

The second battle consisted of three rooms as both armies showed up ready to fight. This saw 28 Water Vikings online as opposed to Templars’ 34. The significant size difference, combined with Water Vikings’ faster tactics and formations, allowed them to win the first room. Whilst Templars managed to equal this speed in the second room, it wasn’t enough for them to prevent a tie. In the third room, both armies again matched each other in size with too small a size difference to definitively call a winner, resulting in another tie and overall granting victory to Water Vikings.

Templars and Water Vikings finally do battle.

Subsequent Events

With the community expecting a long-term war, it came as a shock when several hours after the second battle a treaty was declared. Water Vikings leader Dino and Templars leader Xing both posted copies of a treaty signed by both parties. The terms consisted of an agreement to end the hostility with no victor, but instead a tie.

The treaty between Water Vikings and Templars.

To understand more about the sudden end to the war, Club Penguin Armies contacted both Xing and Dino for an interview. Xing agreed to an interview, however, Dino did not respond.

Why did you decide to end your war with Water Vikings?

Xing: We’ve declared a majority of wars this year. Why is nobody doing the same? Let it be known that I declared this war as a last-ditch effort to save this community.


What changed your mind?

Xing: During it [the war], I realised, why should I let this community matter to me? My army and I are tired of carrying this community and trying to get it through their thick skulls that they’re killing themselves. No more. No longer am I going to play the main antagonist so everyone actually gets their act together so their sad pitiful armies can do something and wake up. It’s time people get themselves together and go to war. Otherwise, the community is going to die.


In his interview, Xing stated that a lack of war is causing the death of the community, but just like that, after only two days, the war between the Water Vikings and the Templars has come to an abrupt end. With the hatchet buried, for now, it appears there is peace once again between Templars and Water Vikings, but for how long will it last?


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  1. Rookie November 5, 2022 (6:18 pm)

    well……that was fast.

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