Alucard Steps Down As Dark Vikings Leader

After less than a month of leading, Alucard stepped down as a Dark Vikings leader. What’s next for Alucard, and how will this affect the army?

On November 2, Alucard announced his retirement from the Dark Vikings. With no reason for the sudden departure, the retirement came as a surprise to everyone. In his announcement, Alucard notified the army of Pandor quitting alongside him, another veteran of the army.

Alucard announcing his retirement

Alucard joined the Club Penguin army community in December 2019 after being recruited off of Club Penguin Online into the Templars, where he stayed for three months. After a leave of absence from the army scene, he joined the Ice Warriors, ranking up to a high staff rank. After gaining some experience, he decided to create his own army, Saber Squids, which he ran for a few weeks before its’ shutdown. He then eventually found his way back to the Ice Warriors.

In August 2021, Alucard once again departed the Warrior army and the community, only to find himself in the High Command of his home army, the Templars, just one week later. He held his position for two months, after which he stepped down to lead the Dark Vikings, which became a colony of the Templars.

A recent Dark Vikings’ event

With the shutdown of the Dark Vikings only a few months later, Alucard once again found himself in the ranks of the Ice Warriors in late February of this year. After 6 months, he earned a spot in the army’s Higher Command, yet the Dark Vikings’ called him once more, and he decided to leave to revive his army for another generation alongside Krosive, a co-creator of the army.

Under his leadership, Alucard guided the Dark Vikings to new heights, even placing #6 in the Club Penguin Armies‘ top ten twice in a row.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Alucard for an exclusive interview regarding his retirement.

What made you decide to retire?

I’ve been a lot busier lately and havent had the time to dedicate myself to a leadership postition.

How do you think the army will do following your retirement?

Krosive and Thunder are great at what they do, I think the army will continue to perform really well, even without my involvement.

Do you have any plans on returning to leading or returning to CPA at all?

As it stands, I have no plans to return to CPA and I plan to keep it that way.

What would you like to say as your final words in the community?


It seems that Alucard is not planning to return to the army community anytime soon and is confident in Dark Vikings’ future without him. Only time will tell how the Dark Vikings will do following Alucard’s retirement. Club Penguin Armies wishes Alucard, and the Dark Vikings the best of luck in their future.

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