Top Ten Armies of the Month – October

Throughout October the community had only one thing to focus on, the long-awaited Legends Cup. This month, we have witnessed several army closures, as well as multiple shock retirements. Additionally, we welcomed two new entries into the Top Ten, with the rankings once again being reshuffled.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [80[↑0]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [70] [↑3]

3T. Help Force [67] [↑0]

 3T. Special Weapons and Tactics [67[↑3]

5. Water Vikings [65] [↓2]

6. Army of Club Penguin [62] [↑1]

7. Ice Warriors [48] [↓3]

8. Dark Vikings [42] [NEW]

9. Mercenaries [24] [↑2]

10T. Lime Green Army [13[↓2]

10T. Red Ravagers [13] [RETURN]

Click here for the Top Ten Statistics.

Just like the previous months before, Templars have retained their number one spot with a perfect score, followed by the Rebel Penguin Federation who moved up three places. Next, we witness the first tie this month as the Help Force and Special Weapons and Tactics both claim the third spot. Meanwhile, the Water Vikings drop by two places to fifth, with Army of Club Penguin up one at sixth and the Ice Warriors down by three to seventh. The Dark Vikings make their Top Ten debut at eighth, as the Mercenaries return to the Top Ten at ninth. The second tie sees the Lime Green Army and the Red Ravagers a tenth.

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