Armies’ Plans for the Spooky Halloween Season

Ghosts and monsters have already been sighted at various armies’ events… The spooky season is upon us, what plans do the armies have for this year’s Halloween festivities?

A holiday to dress up and consume mountains of candy, Halloween proves to be a popular time of year for Club Penguin Armies as well. Celebrated each year on the last day of October, many armies mirror the children on the streets, as they dress up their penguins and join their fellow army members for a themed event.

Only two years ago CP Army Hub hosted the beloved Halloween-themed Fright or Fight Tournament, in which seven Major and seven S/M armies took part. The final winners were the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Major bracket and Pizza Federation in the S/M. Sadly, the tournament did not repeat its success in 2021, as the league had shut down by Halloween time.

FoF Grand Finals, featuring the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of CP

Although the army community has been deprived of a Halloween tournament post-FoF, Halloween events still seem to be a focus for many. Leading up to the spooky season, many armies have already dressed up as ghosts, clowns, or even in Harry Potter-inspired costumes.

To investigate this further, Club Penguin Armies reached out to current army leaders to find out more about their Halloween plans.

Xing, Templars Emperor: We have planned a party with nicky’s mother. She will be dancing as we throw money in the air. It will be named, “Nicky’s mother dance party.” We love nicky’s mother.

Mabel, Water Viking Commander: Water Vikings plans on holding a Halloween art contest, that’s all I can really give at the moment!

Desireus, Help Force Commander: We actually already started our Halloween Week which will be holding a theme of a Haunted Carnival. We are planning to host various halloween themed events, daily activities, movie nights etc. Nothing too big, just a fun and simple Halloween week for us.

Helpers’ Halloween poster, masterfully created by Vedant

Krosive, Dark Viking Leader: fortnite كرات

Rye, SWAT Leader: SWAT has been hosting festive events all month long, including cpab walks, fashion shows, movie nights, and other things! at the end of the month we will give out a medal to our most dedicated troops. for the last week, starting tuesday, we plan on having a halloween themed server with people in vc telling scary stories or playing horror games.

Link, Rebel Commander: So just like every year for the entire month of October we re-brand into something Halloween-y or spooky. This year we went with Gravity Falls so server banner/icon/channels were changed to fit the theme of Gravity Falls. We also released a character quiz in which you can get assigned a character from the series and that’s your main role for the entire month. And of course we’ve been having halloween and Gravity Falls events a couple times each week. On top of that we have a special week for the last week of October, a horror fashion week. Each event every day will be a new variation of past events to keep things exciting and it will end with a big Halloween Homecoming. We got a lot of things planned like new roles, daily challenges, some giveaways as well, as well as the big event mentioned earlier which in itself will have some surprises as well. So yeah, gonna be a hopefully fun end to a fun month.

Rebels’ Halloween poster, created by Master DS and Gabi

IceQueen, Ice Warriors’ Leader: Throughout Spooktober IW have had many Halloween themed events and battles! For the final week, we are having a Halloween Party Week filled with different discord activities and games. Some of these include: Candy Scavenger Hunt, Guess the Candy in a Jar, Halloween Costume Contest. We’ll be finishing the week with a fun BIA Halloween Homecoming Party!

Calgo, Army of CP Commander: ACP this halloween has a bunch of awesome Halloween themed events planned out for this coming week! First off we did a full rebrand of the server in terms of graphics, roles, channel names, etc. to get into the festivities. In terms of events, ACP plans to log onto CPAB as ghost catchers on Tuesday to go ghost hunting in-game at 8PM EST. Later in the week we will be going trick or treating at our troop’s igloos on Saturday during 9AM EST and all attendees will be receiving a special Trick or Treat role in the Discord! We also have a bunch of different giveaways such as Discord Nitro planned for this week and we will also be hosting a Halloween costume and igloo competition! The winners of both competitions will receive clovers, a special role, and the winner of the igloo contest will have their igloo featured as our server banner. This is just some of the huge plans we have in store for this week so stay tuned!

As we can see, most armies are already celebrating Halloween with a plethora of different events, with more to come. Although we have no Halloween tournament to spook us, there are still plenty of fun events to attend! What’s your favorite spooky season activity?

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