Oli Joins the Special Weapons Leadership

As one leader leaves, the door swings open as Oli steps through to become the new leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics. Known as the silent hero, time will tell how the new leader will make an impact to the Special Weapons.

On October 19, Oli was inducted as the newest leader to join a seemingly revolving door of leaders at the Special Weapons and Tactics. He was originally recruited into the army by its very own creator on February 18, 2021. Oli would quickly learn the ropes of armies, even earning himself the title of Agent of the Week in April 2021 and Staff of the Week in January 2022. From there he continued rising up the ranks to Leader in Training.

Announcement of Oli’s induction

Due to Oli serving as a Leader in Training for over eight months, his superiors found it time to give him an overdue promotion for his unwavering loyalty to the army. The promotion follows a newly elected leader, Pandor, quietly retiring following a multi-logging scandal during the Legends Cup XII. And before that the army held leader elections due to allegations surrounding former leader Legoman. As a Leader in Training, Oli has been able to be a strong foundation to the Special Weapons’ Higher Command during these times of tribulation.

Hours before Oli’s promotion

Club Penguin Armies asked some of the other current Special Weapons’ leaders for a statement on the changes surrounding Oli’s promotion:

Coolguy: Oli [has] been in Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] for what will be two years starting next year. He’s a younger leader but he’s seen a lot of changes and is loyal and hard working for sure.

Rye: Oli, for the longest time, has been so loyal to SWAT. Since I joined SWAT’s team in 2021, he was there, and stuck with us through our greatest heights and roughest lows. Oli is one of the kindest and lighthearted people I know in this community. He’s so hardworking and cares deeply for our army. I cant wait to see what he’ll do next!

Based on their answers, there seems to be high hopes for Oli as an addition to the leadership. He may be just the person the army needed to further the quest to a stable leadership. What do you think of the new Special Weapons Leader?

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