Dark Vikings Take A Leap In The Dark

The Dark Vikings have returned to the army community. Created two years back, the army hopes to achieve bigger things with their third generation. 

Dark Vikings were created by KrosiveAlucard, and Trapant in 2020, but shut down after some time, due to things not working out. On October 11, 2021, Krosive decided to revive the army again. However, the army closed soon after a few months of functioning. This year, on October 13, they registered as an army at the Club Penguin Armies. As they say, “Third time’s the charm” – with their third generation currently in place, they intend to get a Major Status, and receive a good position in the Top Ten Armies.

Dark Vikings registering as an army at Club Penguin Armies

Given that it has only been a week since they revived, the Dark Vikings have only held their opening event as yet, where they maxed 14. This generation of the army is being led by Alu, Krosive, Thunder, and Pandor, and currently, the army has no allies.

Dark Vikings Opening Event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Alucard for an exclusive interview to know more about this generation of the Dark Vikings, and his future plans for the army.

What’s the reason behind reopening Dark Vikings again as an army?

I and Krosive wanted to take one last attempt at Dark Vikings, for real this time. I know we’ve said it a few times but we’re serious this time.

What are your future plans for the army, and how are you planning to execute these plans?

Not sure as of right now, but we do have some big things in the works.

How will this generation be different or similar from the other generations?

Since Generation 1 and 2, I and Krosive have learned a lot about CPA and running an army, especially with Krosive leading LGA for a short while.

Given that you have been in quite a few armies before this, what are some of the experiences that you have learned from there that you would like to incorporate within this army?

During my time in armies, I’ve learned a lot about how armies are run, what they need to succeed, etc. I definitely look forward to applying that here.

Where do you see the army going in a few months’ time?

Hopefully Major or at least a good placement in the top ten.

It seems that Alu is all set to start this new generation of the army and ensure that it’s a success. But only time will tell if the army is able to sustain its performance. We wish him, and the Dark Vikings, the very best in all their future endeavors. How do you think this generation will go for the Dark Vikings? What can the community expect from the army in the future?

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