BREAKING: Aaronstone42 Announces Retirement From Water Vikings

Water Vikings leader Aaronstone42 has announced his retirement from the army just hours after their battle against the Templars in the Legends Cup XII grand finals. 

Just an hour after the Water Vikings were defeated in the Legends Cup XII grand finals by the Templars, long-serving leader Aaronstone42 announced his official retirement from his position as head of the army.

Although Aaronstone assumed the leadership role in mid-2021, it was not his first time serving as Viking Commander. He previously led during the 2013 ‘Blue Summer’ generation, which he describes as “the most celebrated WV generation of all time”. He is also known for leadership positions in the Doritos and Underground Mafias Army – both of which he holds the legend accolade.

The Water Vikings battle the Templars in the Legend Cup XII finals.

While his announcement came as a shock to many, it had been in the planning for some time. His retirement post, titled ‘GG too ez’ was published earlier and included an emotional tribute to the members of his army: “I am truly honored and humbled to have worked with all of you over the course of the past year and 3 months. We accomplished so much together, you should all be very proud of yourselves.”

Under his leadership, the Water Vikings notably saw major success in the Western Bloc alliance, won the Champions Cup tournament, defeated the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics in war, and ranked second in the official Top Ten Armies multiple times.

The Water Vikings at their height of the Legends Cup XII tournament.

With the announcement of his retirement, Aaronstone informed the Vikings he would be assuming a Guardian role within the army. But before he made his retirement public, Chief Executive Producer Max was able to speak exclusively with Aaronstone on his departure from the Viking leadership, looking back on his time in the community, as well as what lies ahead in the future.

Congratulations on your retirement, Aaronstone. How are you feeling about it?

Bittersweet. Trying to win the Legends Cup was on my list of things I wanted to do and I think we shocked a lot of people this summer by making it to the finals, achieving 2nd place multiple times and being one of the top armies. I don’t think people expected that from us. The defeat was bittersweet because obviously, you want to win, but TCP just had the size advantage which carried them to victory.

What are some of the highlights from your time in the Water Vikings?

Some of my highlights include winning the Champions Cup and beating the Templars in a war in the summer of 2021 which was my first-time battle leading in over 6 years. The March Madness 2022 is up there too because even though we lost in overtime, we still forced one of the best armies in the community since 2020 into OT which hadn’t been done by any other army besides RPF. Another highlight was the Western Bloc war – it was fun to work with and battle alongside Silver Empire and Mare’s SWAT. Of course, finishing 2nd place multiple times during the Summer and shaking up the balance that had been around since early 2022 was fun too. And all that hard work earned us a spot in the Legends Cup finals. Also destroying SWAT so bad I’m still rent-free in Ganger’s head.

Who do you credit as influential people that helped shape your time and leadership within the Water Vikings?

Obviously, my mentors stem from my time in UMA – Wgfv and Coolster to name people, also Wwebestfan as well. But to be completely honest it was the people below me. Together I felt like we all formed a bond that we were all in this together, that we move as one not separately. That only together can we really achieve what we want. My troops and staff have motivated me so much throughout my time as a leader to continue on. I always will believe that Water Vikings is a special army.

Is there anything that you would do differently or change, with hindsight?

No not really to be completely honest. I’m satisfied with what went on in my tenure. Sure I could’ve handled internals better but every leader has their weaknesses. Mine was internal handling, although I can’t say I overcame this.

You’ve certainly been a key figure this year within the Water Vikings and army community as a whole. What lies next for you?

I’ll still be around – I’m Guardian in several armies including WV, so I can’t up and leave! I’ll still retain my position as Head Moderator if the CPA admins would still like to have me around despite being a headache occasionally. I was thinking about pursuing a media position in the future but who knows? I don’t know what my place would be in there considering the only thing I’ve done in armies is lead.

Aaronstone’s departure from the Water Vikings will surely be a great loss to them, as one of the key figures credited with their recent successes. In his stead, Dino, Mabel and Pydro will continue to lead the army, no doubt keen to build upon their brilliant run in the Legends Cup XII tournament. Club Penguin Armies wishes Aaronstone a happy retirement and is excited he will be continuing in his position as Head Moderator within the organisation.

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