Legends Cup XII: Grand Finals Predictions

After an exciting week with nail biting results, the Legends Cup XII is ready to move on to the very final round. A face off between the North and South Conference winners will take place on Saturday, October 15.

Legends Cup XII wraps up this week as the remaining two conference winners face off in a battle that will wrap up a historic Legends Cup. Anticipation has been rising over the past week following a review submission by the Rebel Penguin Federation of their Semi Finals battle. Until October 13, it was unclear who would be going up against the Water Vikings for the Legends Cup trophy. After a review by the Head Judges, the initial judging stands and the Templars will officially be fighting in the Grand Finals.

For the first time ever, a new army will take the Legends Cup trophy. All tournament information can be found in the following post titled Legends Cup XII: Grand Finals Information.

In recent news, the Templars and Vikings allied together in a war against the Special Weapons and Tactics over the summer. The war broke out over problematic affiliations and remarks by the Special Weapons. Templars and Water Vikings partook in the Among Us Army alliance that then gathered to invade servers.

Among Us Army

Interesting enough, this is not the first time the two armies have battled it out in a tournament finals either. Last year, almost to the date, the Templars faced off against the Vikings during the Champions Cup VI. While the tournament itself saw a lack of armies participating, including most of the major players at the time, the final face off between these two armies was exciting nonetheless. In the end, the Vikings were determined to be the new champions of the cup.

Champions Cup VI, Finals

Templars vs. Water Vikings

Caitlinx, Club Penguin Armies Moderator: I mean we have seen Templars pull some big sizes before but they did show a few drops against the Rebels. The Vikings on the other hand have been upcoming recently and Aaronstone is definitely motivated to get the win. I think if they can pull a bigger size than they did against the Army of Club Penguin then they are in with a real chance because in terms of their tactics and forms they were solid.

Similarly for Templars, we did see them struggling a little with fast and clean forms/tactics in their last battle so if they have used this week effectively then I certainly think it will be a battle to watch from both sides because both armies have shown dedication and drive.

Calgocubs21, Army of Club Penguin Leader: I believe that while Water Vikings do have the advantage in terms of experience and tactics, Templars will still come out as the winner in my opinion due to their size. Ultimately this battle could go either way still as the Templars biggest weakness is their newer troops who are inexperienced. That being said if they utilize their size difference to their advantage then they can take this win.

Water Vikings could also pull an upset though if they are sharp on their tactics, creative, and show up with enough troops to close the size gap between them and Templars. I’m excited to see how this matchup plays out and I wish both sides the best of luck.

Elexonck, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader: I believe Water Vikings [WV] will win because they’ve been performing very well lately and preparing extremely hard for the tournament.

IceQueen1020, Ice Warriors Leader: I think it’s fair game for both WV and Templars [TCP] if WV can gather 50+ troops at the battle. It’ll be important for all troops to be active throughout the battle in both armies and there’s even share of both word and emote tactics. Given the controversy with last weeks Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF] vs TCP battle, I hope both WV and TCP can learn from that and up their battle strategies.

Max, Chief Executive Producer: There is no doubt that this battle is going to be extremely close and very exciting for those in the armies taking part, as well as those in the community watching the livestream. I think we could be looking at a tie and victory each in the first three rooms, with the battle heading into an overtime room. I heard that last week the Templars had a size advantage but suffered from many idle penguins, so I believe the Water Vikings may just take a narrow victory. Best of luck to both armies.

It’s likely that this iconic battle will come down to the wire as history will be made. Whoever wins will have only been the fourth army awarded the Legends Cup trophy in history. The Vikings have been in the hot seat before, performing twice in the Legends Cup Finals, last losing in 2016. As for the Templars, their domination over the course of this year has been no joke, but this is their first time competing in a major tournament like this. Will these predictions hold up and who will come out victorious?

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