Cherries Shutdown: Leaving a Sour Taste

In a shocking turn of events, the Cherries shutdown following internal drama. The army server, essentially being defaced, left the army unable to continue its operations.

The red army was originally created on January 13, 2015 by Greeny and Sprite. Cherries were then recently revived under Thunder222 in September 2022. Both generations were able to find quick success in the community. Recently the Cherries found themselves as the ninth biggest army of the month of September, despite their recent comeuppance. Thunder’s recruiting for the army seemed to be paying off as the army slowly grew over its first few weeks.

A final Cherries event

However, trouble in paradise started to brew once Thunder222 transferred ownership of the Discord server to Greeny. Days later, an argument broke out regarding Thunder222’s treatment of certain server members, so the former creator kicked Thunder222 from the server and deleted all the channels. Greeny, known also as the Lime Green Army founder, incessantly advised all members of the server to join the Lime army.

Closure announcement

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Thunder222 for an exclusive interview to learn more about the developing situation.

What led to the shutdown of the Cherries?

Greeny wanted me to give him owner because he created cherries with Sprite, so I gave him the ownership. A couple days later when cherries maxed 12 in their maracas event, Julie (a now Lime Green Army [LGA] moderator) [got into an argument with me] so I banned her. Greeny unbanned her and gave her admin so Greeny and I got into a disagreement and I called him a [redacted]. They decided to delete every channel and go to announcements and say Cherries are merging with LGA [by trying] to troop steal every high ranked member from Cherries, but I told them to leave [the server instead].

Will another generation come back in the future?

Probably if I feel like it. I’m leading Dark Vikings now that is already opened when this interview started.

Club Penguin Armies does not condone the actions of either Greeny or Thunder222, and this post does not intend to side with one or the other. While it seems lights out for Cherries now, the possibility of another generation in the future will prove to be interesting over these newly developed dynamics. Could the Cherries have continued to grow if their server had they not been suddenly shutdown?

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