Legends Cup XII: Semi-Finals Predictions

After two close battles and a special report, the Legends Cup XII is ready to move on to the semi-final round. As we look forward to another busy weekend, we asked several community members to predict the winners of the semi-finals.

Legends Cup Semi Final Predictions


Legends Cup XII continues this weekend as the remaining four armies face off against each other. Round one featured two underdogs initially moving on, but a special Spotlight Investigation ended the hopes of the Special Weapons and Tactics. The SWAT Agents multi-logged in their warm-up room, disqualifying them from the tournament. Thus, the Rebel Penguin Federation moves on to the semi-finals.

All tournament information can be found in the following post: Legends Cup XII: Semi-Finals Information

Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings

The first battle of the Legends Cup XII semi-finals takes place this Saturday, with the Army of CP going toe-to-toe with the Water Vikings. Round one saw the Clovers take an unexpected victory over the Helpers, defeating them in two rooms and tying a third. Where the Water Vikings have been consistent this year, the Clovers are in an era of resurgence. The Clovers continue to rise in the Top Ten and their maxes, but the Vikings have been consistent in recent months, earning them a bye week. Will the Water Vikings’ extra preparation help them conquer the Army of CP, or will the Clovers shock everyone once again?

ACP Legends Cup

Army of CP vs Help Force | Legends Cup XII Round One

Snowy, Help Force Leader: I think ACP will win. ACP has many vets and active troops whom they can rely on.
Popcorny, CPAJ Head Judge: As far as I’m aware, Aaronstone is only around to win the Legends Cup. Seeming as the Water Vikings do a whole load of nothing most of the time, I’m assuming they’ll win here, as Aaron will have been vigorously preparing for this. ACP did better than expected in the previous round. Aaron shouldn’t underestimate them, but he’ll probably have some prehistoric voodoo concocted by now to ensure victory.
Coolguy, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader: Both battles will be close and similar. For me, WV is a mystery in this tournament. We’ve seen most armies perform, but both TCP and WV tend to hold more US events, but ACP cannot be underestimated. I think they may just beat WV in this round, and size will surely be a big factor.
Spotty, Chief Executive Producer: Water Vikings vs Army of Club Penguin could be a lot closer than people think. Both armies have an established Veterans team that are active for important battles and tournaments. However, I believe based on battle and leadership experience, Water Vikings will secure a place in the Grand Final.
Superhero123, Legend: WV and ACP have great veteran networks, but WV is in a bit better form currently. I see WV winning 2-1

Templars vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Sunday will feature the second battle of the semi-finals, pitting the Templars against the Rebel Penguin Federation once again. Originally, the Rebels suffered a surprising defeat to the Special Weapons and Tactics. However, cheating uncovered in a Spotlight investigation moved the Rebels forward to face the Templars. The Templars have dominated the Top Ten for nearly a year, with the Rebels seemingly unable to match in size. Despite this, the Rebels and Templars have a history on the battlefield, most recently in the Summer Soverignty War. Although seen undersized in several battles throughout the war, the Rebels rose up to win on multiple occasions. Will the Rebel Penguin Federation rise to the occasion, or will the Templars topple the defending champions?

RPF Legends Cup

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Special Weapons and Tactics | Legends Cup XII Round One

Snowy, Help Force Leader: I think TCP will win. TCP has maintained a commanding lead in the Top Ten for a while now.
Popcorny, CPAJ Head Judge: Templars, for the last few tournaments, have had a complete size advantage. However, they are total bottle jobs that don’t cross the finish line in these battles, so RPF is the more likely winner. Expect to see many Templars fleeing as per routine. RPF will be here to play after the lacking performance against SWAT and should be able to summon those from beyond the grave to attend.
Coolguy, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader: As for TCP and RPF, Templars will go into the battle against RPF as favourites, but if the war taught anyone anything, it’s never to underestimate RPF. They’re slick and fast, so they should slide to the finals.
Spotty, Chief Executive Producer: Despite Rebel Penguin Federation being knocked out of the first round, I don’t think they can be written out of this battle. They have the motivation and the veterans to win this. Although Templars have yet to win a tournament, despite being #1 for most of this year, I think this could be their time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this battle goes into overtime, but I think the Templars will manage to overpower and grab themselves a place in the Final.
Superhero123, Legend: Templars are the best army right now, but RPF has proven again and again to be very hard to beat in tournaments. Honestly, if RPF hadn’t lost to SWAT, I would probably put them as favorites, but it’s evident they aren’t at their best right now, unlike the Templars. I see Templars winning 1-2-0 (1 win, 2 ties).

Unlike the first round predictions, our panel was split on who they thought would move on to the finals. Like the first set of battles, the semi-finals are expected to be extremely close, with battles coming down to the wire. Club Penguin Armies would like to wish every army the best of luck in their persuit to victory. Will these predictions hold up, or will we see more unexpected victories?

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