Legends Cup Trophy Collection Challenge

As the long anticipated Legends Cup XII has finally arrived, Club Penguin Armies and the Community Committee have many surprises for this year’s tournament. They are proud to present to you the first Legends Cup Trophy Collection Challenge!

How to play

For the next two weekends, the Community Committee will release a post of four activities for everyone to do. Your goal is to be able to solve two out of those four activities. Such activities might include puzzles, word searches, crossword puzzles, spot the difference, and more!


  • You will earn two trophies if you solve two of the four activities. If you only complete one activity, you will only receive one.
  • You are welcome to solve all puzzles, but each person can earn a max of 2 trophies per weekend.
  • Because the remaining Legends cup tournament is going on for two weekends, the most amount of trophies you earn is a maximum of four.
  • If you claim all four trophies towards the end of the grand finals weekend, you will obtain a unique role in the Discord server and be entered into a nitro giveaway raffle.
  • To track how many trophies you have, you may view it on the excel sheet which is found here.

    HOW to Submit

  • Please send your completed activities as a screenshot to either Actionspark, DrQueen, Mchappy, Mogi4, Purple ♡ or Spotty.

Good luck to everyone wishing to participate! The first set of challenges will be posted closer to the time of the battles on Saturday. Make sure to grab the community role in #self-roles so you can be notified when the activities are released. A big thank you to
Actionspark, McHappy, Mogi4, Purple ♡, and Spotty for helping spearhead this project.

Good luck to all and happy Legends Cup XII!

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