Top Ten Armies of the Month – September

Without a doubt September has been a busy month for all as the community begun their new school year, whilst celebrating the long-awaited Legends Cup. This month we witnessed one major army reach the top three, as they climbed up three ranks. Additionally we also welcomed two new armies into our rankings, helping to reshuffle the Top Ten.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [100[↑0]

2T. Help Force [87] [↑0]

2T. Water Vikings [87] [↑4]

4. Ice Warriors [85] [↑1]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [84] [↓3]

 6. Special Weapons and Tactics [78[↓2]

7. Army of Club Penguin [74] [↑0]

8. Lime Green Army [64[↑0]

9. Cherries [47] [NEW]

10. Takis [25] [NEW]

Close to the Top Ten

11. Mercenaries [21] [↓1]

12. Strawhats [20] [↓3]

Click here for the Top Ten Statistics.

Once again, the Templars have claimed the number one spot of the month with another perfect score, followed by the Help Force and Water Vikings both at second, with the Vikings moving up four places. Next we see the Ice Warriors moving up one to fourth, with the Rebel Penguin Federation experiencing the largest drop of the month as they get fifth. Special Weapons and Tactics also witness a decrease in the rankings as they are sixth, with the Army of Club Penguin at seventh. The Lime Green Army remain in eighth, as Cherries and Takis make their Top Ten debut at ninth and tenth.

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