Legends Cup XII: Round One Results

A dramatic round one of the Legends Cup XII has concluded, with two armies advancing into the semi-finals next week after triumphing on the battlefield. Find out who they are, and exactly what went down this weekend.

The Legends Cup XII, the most iconic tournament on the yearly calendar, has kicked off with a bang. Its opening weekend has seen a surprise victory in one of the pairings, and a fantastic turnout and effort from all those participating. Round one pitted the Rebel Penguin Federation against the Special Weapons and Tactics on Saturday, while the Help Force and Army of Club Penguin took to the battlefield on Sunday.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

The first round one battle saw a match-up between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Special Weapons and Tactics. Fresh off their war and the Rebels’ known tournament winning streak, the SWAT Agents came into round one an underdog. This quickly shifted as they entered the first room with a slight size advantage and cleaner formations. SWAT’s better performance and coverage of the Rebels won them the first room. The second room saw the Rebels begin to fight back against the SWAT Agents. Although they started to cover their opponent, they could not maintain the edge, and their weaker bombs enabled the Special Weapons and Tactics to claim a close victory. The Rebels flipped the script in the third and final room, demonstrating their cleanest performance. The judges noted that the Rebels had cleaner formations and asserted their dominance, giving them victory in the last room. The Special Weapons and Tactics were crowned the winner in this thriller with a 2-1 score.

Winner: Special Weapons and Tactics

Legends Cup XII Round One RPF vs SWAT

Help Force vs. Army of Club Penguin

In a battle similar to the day prior, the Army of CP and Help Force had predictions significantly favoring one army over the other. However, these predictions were proven fallible as the Clover underdogs came out strong for this battle. With consistent sizes of nearly ten more than the Helpers, the Clovers entered the first room looking for an upset. Compounded by their size advantage, the Clovers’ better coverage earned them a victory in Room one. Although at times the Clovers had gaps in their formations and silent troops, the Helpers weren’t able to capitalize. Room two started with a bang, with the Helpers seemingly controlling the scene; however, things drastically changed in the second half of the room. The judges noted that each army dominated half the room, resulting in a tie. The momentum shift in the Clovers’ favor during the second half continued to the third room. The Clovers had cleaner formations and outpaced the Helpers at times, allowing them to dominate over the Helpers in the coverage game. The Clovers’ afk troops kept Help Force in the game, but the Helpers couldn’t overcome their size disadvantage. Winning the third room, the Clovers left the battle victorious, advancing to the semi-finals.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Round One Legends Cup XII HF v ACP


With round one of the Legends Cup XII coming to a dramatic end, the Special Weapons and Tactics and Army of Club Penguin look to take on the Templars and Water Vikings. Congratulations to the SWAT Agents and Clovers on advancing to the next round.  Club Penguin Armies wishes the remaining armies the best of luck as they fight to reach the Legends Cup Finals. 

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