The History of the Legends Cup: Looking Back on Last Year & Inception

The Legends Cup has been called the pillar of our community. It provides ammunition, a goal, for every army come summer time. Before the battles of the twelfth rendition begin, let’s take a look at the beginning and most recent conceptions.

inception: 2010

Legends Cup was an idea created by Oagalthorp, the creator of the Army of Club Penguin. It was previously thought that the post announcing the legendary tournament was lost, but it’s not. On July 26, 2010, over 40 armies were invited to participate: separating them into Alpha and Bravo brackets.

The tournament was not intended to become an annual gathering, but thanks to the news site known as CP Army Central, the first Legends Cup was so successful (and organized) that it quickly became a favorite by the community. Interestingly, one of the rules for the tournament was that no joke bombs were allowed.

Oagalthorp: What is the Legends Cup? Quite simply, the largest most epic tournament every to greet Club Penguin. Every single army will participate in this massive, 12-day-long event. This is a chance for major armies to prove their dominance and for minor armies to show the world what they can do.

What seemed like a walk to victory for the Army of Club Penguin, arguably the most dominant army at the time, turned out to be an upset as the Nachos defeated them in the Quarterfinals. The judging of the battle was immediately questioned as armies were allowed to retreat to other rooms, changing the battle room on a fly and locking out a majority of the opposing army’s numbers. Nonetheless the Nachos would go on to beat the Ice Warriors to win the first ever Legends Cup trophy.

Legends Cup I, Finals

a tradition becomes a legend

Albeit any controversies, the Legends Cup was a huge success. Every summer saw the community rally together to see who would be crowned the unofficial army of the year. However, over time, it became the same few armies trading the Legends Cup trophy. Last year saw the Rebel Penguin Federation win for the second year in a row.

Their opponent, the Help Force, were able to make their way to the Finals by overcoming mass kicking by private server administrators during the Semifinals. It was the blue army’s first appearance in the finals of the Legends Cup. Both armies in the Finals have solidified themselves as tournament powerhouses.

Legends Cup XI, Finals

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the Rebels’ Commander, Link3000, for their thoughts on Legends Cup XII:

What’s your favorite thing about the Legends Cup?

Being the biggest tournament in Club Penguin Armies, I love seeing how it brings the Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF] together. The troops and staff get very excited, the energy is always very high, and people love being part of it.

Coming into this year as the past victors, what are your expectations for Legends Cup XII? Continuing the winning streak?

I’m aware that things are very different compared to last years Legend Cup but RPF has not been the only one affected by it. We have been preparing over that past week and we are gonna give it our all just like we did last year and if all goes well, we will be defending our title once more.

As mentioned by Link3000, the favorited summer tournament provides armies with long last memories as they come together, united under one cause. For the unforeseeable future, the Legends Cup will continue to be an annual practice where armies can fight to be the best of the best. Unfortunately, the current brackets containing only six armies participating is a first for the highly anticipated tournament. As less armies participate in tournaments, will the Legends Cup be the only tournament we have left to look forward to?

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