Legends Take: “The Community Needs This Boost” Says Army Legend On Legends Cup XII

In celebration of the Legends Cup XII launching this weekend, we’re speaking with the army legends of our community to get their take on the upcoming tournament and the armies participating. 

The annual Legends Cup tournament is, well, legendary. There have been a handful of winners of this prestigious tournament over the past 12 years, including the Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Ice Warriors. Last year, it was the Rebels that once again triumphed and took home the iconic trophy.

Who better to speak to in anticipation of the tournament than some of our most legendary figures within the community, the army legends themselves? In this edition, we speak to 2011 army legend Kingfunks4, 2013 CPA Central legend Tax1, 2019 legend Superhero123, and 2020 legends Crazzy and Ayan.

What are your thoughts on the Legends Cup XII this year, which was postponed from its usual Summer slot due to CPA Battleground issues?

Ayan: The hype for the Legends Cup has obviously decreased due to the postponement. But I mean, it’s Legends Cup after all. You gotta do what it takes. As for how good the tournament will be, you could have 20 armies and still have all one-sided battles. All of it depends on how much effort the armies are willing to put in. I predict an RPF vs. HF final – third time’s the charm.

What do you think about just 6 armies participating in the Legends Cup XII this year, as someone who has experienced years of the Legends Cup at peak participation from the community?

Tax1: From an objective standpoint it looks like the army community is dying off and stagnating yet again, seemingly a repeat of 2016. It’s nonetheless disappointing that we only have 6 armies in the Legends Cup. Throughout the years, I’ve personally led and witnessed the best armies fight it off in the Legends Cup and it created a sense of actual competition in our community. Brother allies and enemies alike were pitted against each other to fight for that top spot and prove who at the peak of armies in that year was going to take it all and prove they were the best.

The Legends Cup is meant to be our version of the Super Bowl/World Cup, the most sought-after event of the year, and to have such limited armies partaking in it shows the current state of the community. I certainly wish there was much more competition, the last time I took part in a Legends Cup was back in 2015. We had almost 30 armies competing at the time versus now you have practically a fifth of that, armies were also heated against each other sparking tensions, and we had the best sizes as a result. That’s a drastic change and it definitely takes away from the prestige of the overall Legends Cup. I honestly wish the Legends Cup happened in the summer (if it was supposed to go through anyway) and we took the time to figure out how to get the CP Army Community back on track but hey maybe this will spark some fires that have yet to be lit. Prove me and the entire veteran community wrong

Which armies have potential in this year’s tournament? Could we expect to see any underdogs or surprises?

Crazzy: Out of all the armies, I think it could go in favour of Templars or RPF. Templars have the sizes to out max everyone in this current age, while RPF have the proper battle training to be a tough contender. Although, I could see the Water Vikings being one of our underdogs this tournament. WV has been climbing up Top Ten and can put up a fight.

Do you think there is an obvious winner in this year’s Legends Cup tournament?

Superhero123: No, I do not believe there is an obvious winner for this year’s Legends Cup. The Templars are the largest army currently but they have yet to show that on a tournament level. Realistically all current big armies have good chances but in my biased opinion, the circumstances really favor Water Vikings. Both the RPF and WV (and to an extent, HF) have big veteran networks who always show up during the Legends Cup. The Templars are the biggest army but lack this veteran base, and have also failed to truly impress in past tournaments where they were again the largest force.

How important is the Legends Cup XII in the army community?

Kingfunks4: The Legends Cup in general is always important as it’s the main tournament in the army community. This one in particular I think comes when we really need it, the community needs a boost and this can provide it – it also needs armies to actually engage in battle with one another which has been lacking in the community this year.

The first round of the Legends Cup XII is scheduled for this weekend, with the Rebel Penguin Federation taking on the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Army of CP battling it out with the Help Force. Who will triumph and enter the second round to take on the Templars and Water Vikings?

What do you make of army legends take? Do you agree or disagree? You can join the official discussion on our Discord server now and have your say.

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