A Look At The Cherries’ Fortnight In The Community

The Cherries have popped up into the community, once again. Currently being led by Thunder222, this generation of the army aims to do as good as how things were like for the army during their inception. Let us look at what the army has been up to the past three weeks since they returned.

The Cherries were created by Greeny and Sprite on January 13, 2015. Their journey started with a raid planned against the Takis which eventually had Cherries take over the Takis’ lands. After this event, the Shadow Reacon merged into the army, and the Cherries also acquired control over the Delta Army‘s servers. In their very first week, the army earned 9th place on the CPAC Top Ten after maxing 18 in a battle against the Guardian Penguins. Following this, the Golds declared war on them. In their first generation, therefore, the army not only made it to the Top Ten but also fought bravely against the Golds, despite them being in a nascent and developing stage. The army shut down later as a result of a merge with the Omegas.
The year 2022 sees the army revive for another generation, this time led by a new leader, Thunder222. The army has had several events since then, their highest max being 12, as of now. Cherries currently hold the 9th position in the Top Ten Armies of Club Penguin Armies.

A recent event of the Cherries

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Thunder222 for an exclusive interview to know more about this generation of the Cherries, and his future plans for the army.

What’s the reason behind reopening Cherries again as an army?

I asked Greeny what armies did he create and he said Cherries in Lime Green Army chat, so I asked him if I can revive it and he said sure.

Given you are leading this generation, what are your future plans for the army, and how are you planning to execute these plans?

My plans of this army is just getting them into a good shape like generation 1 back in 2015.

How will this generation be different or similar to the other generations?

It will probably not be similar to generation 1. Said generation had 16-18 before merging into Omegas in 2015.

Given that you have been in quite a few armies before this, what are some of the experiences that you have had that you have learned from that you would like to incorporate within this army?

I have been quiet in armies because it ruined my image in Club Penguin Armies.

Where do you see the army going in a few months’ time?

Getting great sizes and doing good.

It seems that Thunder is all set to start this new generation of the army and ensure that it’s a success. But only time will tell if the army is able to sustain its performance. We wish him, and the Cherries, the very best in all their future endeavors. How do you think this generation will go for the Cherries? What can the community expect from the army in the future?

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