Legends Cup XII: Round One Predictions + Special Announcement

Legends Cup is finally set to commence after months of delays, with six armies making their final preparations ahead of one of the most prestigious and long-awaited  tournaments of the year. As per tradition, various members of the community have been asked for their Round One predictions. Additionally, today marks the launch of the Legends Cup Sweepstake, where predicting the winning army could give multiple individuals the chance to win different prizes, from Nitro to CPAB exclusive items.

Legends Cup XII will commence this Saturday, on 1st October 2022, as four of the six armies participate in the Qualifier Round. With a recent shake-up in the Weekly Top Ten Rankings, and the Legends Cup being later in the year than usual, we could be about to witness some unexpected outcomes. Without further ado, what does the community predict for the Qualifying Round?

All tournament information can be found in the following post: Legends Cup XII: Round One Information.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

The first battle of Legends Cup XII will see the Rebel Penguin Federation go up against Special Weapons and Tactics. Unlike previous Qualifying Rounds before, this one is set to be close, as the Rebels ranked fifth in the latest Top Ten, with SWAT just two places behind at seventh. However, despite having a lower ranking, Special Weapons and Tactics had a higher max size of 24, with the Federation reaching sizes of 21. With both armies maxing similar sizes, will the battle end with an unexpected win?

A Practise Battle Between RPF and SWAT | August 2022.

Popcorny, CPAJ Head Judge: I believe that RPF will beat SWAT as historically RPF have really turned up their game in tournaments and even when sizes dwindle in weeks before, they can completely change and look near unstoppable in tournament battles. SWAT have been on a downward trend recently in terms of sizes and TT positions, I can’t see them mustering enough to put considerable pressure on RPF here.

DrQueen, Ice Warrior Leader: Im going to go with Rebel Penguin Federation for this week’s battle. RPF during tournaments is a force to not be wrecked with with as has a very efficient tournament system and a robust veteran presence for tournaments! Consistency in sizes across all three rooms, strong forms and speed is something RPF does well at, which gives them the upper advantage compared to SWAT.

Dino, Water Vikings Leader: RPF will win. They have a large veteran pool that will help them significantly. SWAT in my opinion is not battle ready in any capacity.

Flen, CPA Advisor: RPF, because they have the advantage of better tactics and formations

Subster, CPA Graphic Designer: I think RPF is gonna win vs SWAT, usually during tournaments RPF is one of the strongest out there and they’re always well prepared and put together… and SWAT did lose a war recently 22-0.


Help Force vs. Army of Club Penguin

The last battle of the Qualifying Round will involve the Help Force and the Army of Club Penguin going head to head for a place in the Semifinals. Similar to the first battle, it is expected that the community will witness another close fight, as recently the ACP ranked third in the Top Ten, with HF one place behind at fourth. Furthermore, the Clovers reached a size of 28, with the Helpers achieving 23. Throughout the last few weeks ACP have not only flown up the ranks but have also inducted their new leader. But, will this be enough to win, or will HF’s recent war practise help them to continue their winning streak?

A Practise Battle Between HF and ACP | August 2022.

Popcorny, CPAJ Head JudgeI see Help Force defeating ACP as I believe Help Force in its current state have had much more warfare experience as of late, which isn’t lots in itself, compared to ACP who have been quite isolationist recently. With a lack in proper battle practice, ACP may struggle with endurance here having to be on top game for a full 30 to defeat HF, which is something I don’t see as very likely.

To celebrate the welcome return of the most-loved tournament of the year, here at Club Penguin Armies we are thrilled to announce the first ever Legends Cup Sweepstake. If you are unaware, sweepstakes are popular in Europe, and are a form of betting, in which all the stakes are divided among the winners.

How will the sweepstake work?

You have until 2pm EST on Saturday 1st October to fill out the form HERE, with which army you think will be crowned this year’s Legend Cup Winner, you may pick your own army. Following the submissions, each week the media team will be revealing who has been knocked out of the sweepstake.

Once the Grand Final has concluded, we will announce the list of people who correctly guessed the winners, they will then be added to a Random Name Generator for a chance to win one of the many prizes. Unlike previous prediction tournaments, no one can win more than one prize, giving multiple people a chance to receive a prize.

The prizes are as followed: 

  • Customisable pin on CPAB.
  • Customisable shirt on CPAB.
  • Xbox PC Game Pass (1 month) (x2).
  • Tower of Fantasy Nitro Avatar Pack (x2).
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (2 months).
  • Discord Nitro ($9.99).
  • Exclusive role and picture perms in CPA.
  • Decide upon the Daily Game Challenge for a day.

Although our predictions seem to be one-sided it has been acknowledged that the Qualifying Round is likely to be extremely close, if the ever-changing Top Ten Rankings are anything to go by. We would like to wish all the armies the absolute best for this weekend, and a huge good luck to anyone planning on entering our first ever Tournament Sweepstake!

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