Calgocubs Becomes the 49th Commander of the Army of Club Penguin

A few days back, army veteran Calgocubs became the newest Commander in Chief in the Army of Club Penguin. After former leader Zeus retired, we are excited to see what plans Calgo has for the Shamrock’s future.

On September 19, Calgocubs was inducted as the 49th leader at the Army of Club Penguin. In his post titled, “A New Leader Takes the Stage”, he expresses that it is a great privilege for him to be able to lead an army that has been his home for so long, and promises to give his best to the army.

Calgo makes an official announcement about his promotion

Calgocubs has been in the army community since 2006, first joining the Army of Club Penguin. He was also in several armies during the Original Club Penguin era, most notably Nachos, Warriors of Club Penguin, Fire Warriors, Golden Troops, and Black Panthers. He led the CP Guards in 2010. Calgo left the community in 2011, before returning ten years later as a Captain in the Army of Club Penguin. After showing his continuous effort in the army, he’s now been awarded as the 49th Commander in Chief.

One of Army of Club Penguin’s recent events

Club Penguin Armies had the chance to speak with Calgocubs for an interview about his recent promotion.

How does it feel to be the newest Army of Club Penguin leader?

To be completely honest it feels super unreal to be given the honor to lead such a historic army such as Army of Club Penguin. I remember when I was just a Warrant Officer in ACP back in 2009 and my childhood dream had always been to one day take the helm and command the army. That being said joining the higher command and even taking over as leader always seemed like a distant dream to me due to the time commitment originally conflicting with my life irl. That being said when I witnessed first hand the disarray that the army had fallen into in May, I felt an obligation to join the staff team in July and climb to leader to bring about change and Project: Revival reinforced my determination to takeover and lead. Being the 49th leader of ACP is a huge excitement for me and I have so much that I look forward to in the coming months, but I also know we have a lot that we as an army need to work on and I will continue to press forward with making these improvements. I worked really hard to get to where I am now and I will not be letting that hard work go to waste as I feel its my obligation to re-establish ACP as a force to be reckoned with.

What plans do you have for the army, moving forward?

This is a great question! Funny enough I actually have several pages of highly detailed plans that I drafted up in preparation for my leadership as well as when I was in consideration for the position. While I cannot divulge all the grand details of my plans just yet, I can shed light on some of the changes we plan to make in the coming weeks to significantly improve the army and restore it to greatness. The reality is while I think the army is heading in the right direction I think some difficult decisions need to be made in terms of our future and how we plan to expand. Being back into the full swing of things and having consistent events is a great start, but it isn’t enough if we want to grow and reestablish ourselves as a dominant army. I also want to reinforce the idea that these changes are gradual and that it won’t happen immediately overnight, but hopefully by the end of my tenor as leader, my goal is that the we will be a much different army than the one you see now.

As announced already, my first act as leader was to have us join CPA league. This is a decision that has weighed on me for some time as many of us at ACP have our own reservations about CPA and the way it operates. That being said I can’t let my own distaste for the league effect what I think would be best for the army and isolation from the league is something I don’t think is viable for the future of our community. This will be beneficial in terms of giving us a chance to fight for land and also have a hand in the voting process of the Board.

The next plan on my agenda is to shakeup our staff team and its culture. I think after the mass retirements we saw during the end of CSY’s reign more than a year ago, there was a hole left behind in the staff team that was unfortunately never really fulfilled. My plan is to re-enforce the entire staff team that we have now by bringing on new and returning staff who are quite passionate in their work and share in the same vision as I do of pushing new initiatives and innovating. I also plan to rebuild the culture that was once was a really tight knit family and my first plan of action is to bring back weekly staff vc meetings, bonding events, evaluations, and mentorship programs.

The last few plans that I have that I will not reveal fully just yet is a plan to strengthen our numbers through reforming our Recruiting Force by spearheading new initiatives into finding new areas to recruit safely and consistently. Other plans are to push innovation in the planning and organization of our events to improve the retention rate of our troops by keeping them constantly engaged. Speaking of which I plan to do a full relaunch of the UK division as it’s been neglected for some time now and I believe we can easily get it up to standard with our AUSIA and US numbers. This is just some of the many plans that I have in store for restoring my army to greatness and I hope to show everyone my full capabilities of leading.

What are you most excited for in your leadership?

Oooo where do I even begin? I think what I’m most excited for is facing the challenge of rebuilding the army and trying to conquer the community as it is my goal is to re-establish ourselves as a power house and ascend towards the top of the Top Ten Rankings. I think if anything the fact that we have still have a lot to improve upon drives my motivation and I’m super excited! I’m also very much looking forward to forging new alliances and enemies along the way and taking a pro war stance which is something that I do not plan to cower away from as I believe it is extremely vital towards the survival of our community since we were built on war. Call me cringe, but I think it’s a lot more commendable to lead an army out of a period of decline into success than it is to take over and lead an army that is already succeeding. We have a lot to prove and I plan to show the whole community what we are truly capable of.

Congratulations to Calgo on becoming the newest Commander in Chief, one of the longest-standing veterans of the community. We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

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