Mabel Inducted as Viking Commander

The Water Vikings see a new face into the leadership team as Mabel has been promoted to become the army’s newly inducted Viking Commander. The Water Vikings are definitely looking forward to seeing how they perform under her leadership.

Mabel joined the army community in October 2020 after being recruited by Change to the Water Vikings. She has been seen in other armies including the Trojans as an advisor and Wet Army Penguins as a Third in Command. Despite her stints in other armies, the Vikings have remained her primary army as she steadily progressed through their ranks.

Water Vikings Sept 2022

Recent Water Vikings event

Mabel had joined the staff team of the Water Vikings around January 2021, would go on to become a high command by July 2021 and would receive the Vice Commander rank earlier this year. On September 9, Aaronstone announced the promotion of Mabel to Viking Commander due to her extreme dedication she has had for the army for a long time. The promotion follows the retirement of two of the Vikings’ leaders, Adden and Buddy.

Mabel promoted to Water Viking Commander

Aaronstone announcing Mabel’s induction to leadership

To know more about her promotion and future plans, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Mabel for an interview.

How do you feel now that you finally made your way to become Viking Commander?

I was first nervous about it when we all came to a decision to promote me in the next few weeks, but since it happened now, I don’t feel as nervous anymore. I believe I feel a bit more confident in myself even more actually! I definitely have some things I need to improve on much like any other newly appointed leader, but I will get it eventually!

What are some plans you have for the future of the Water Vikings?

I don’t have that many plans set in mind yet honestly. Our main focus is the Legends Cup, which I really want to help my army focus on that as it gets closer everyday! Water Vikings itself is pretty chill and I don’t have any changes I want to make.

Alright, I know Legends Cup is getting closer and closer, do you think you may have leadership plans once it’s over?

Not at the top of my head, no. But it could always change if I feel like something is necessary!

As of right now, what are you looking forward to now that you are Viking Commander?

Possibly forming new alliances. Water Vikings are known for forming good relations with their allies and I would definitely love to keep that up, maybe even with some new faces upon us.

Mabel is officially making her debut as Viking Commander as the Water Vikings and is already set on a goal to make sure she can lead the army to great heights, winning Legends Cup and beyond. How will the Water Vikings change with a new addition to their leadership team? What can we expect from Mabel in the future?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 September 11, 2022 (2:52 am)

    Yay Mabs!

  2. […] one. Almost two years after she arrived in the army, former commander Aaronstone42 announced her promotion to the leadership position. Such a decision remarked Mabel’s commendable work and dedication […]

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