Takis Revive For Another Generation

The Takis are back again to the army community. Founded a few years back, the army has gone through several generations. It will certainly be interesting to see what this generation entails for them, and how the army does in the coming future.

The Takis, also known as the Takis Army, was created by Memmaw on November 22, 2014. The army has had multiple generations since then, the last one being in 2017. The Takis have been featured on several occasions in the Top Ten of Club Penguin Army Central. One such instance is when the army achieved the 3rd position in the Top Ten Armies list, during their last generation, by maintaining a size of more than 30 people online for most of their events. The army’s historic capital is the Northern Lights, and their motto is – “Fear the Spice!”

A Takis Event

After being accepted by the Club Penguin Armies on September 4, another generation of the Takis is on the go, which will be led by Krosive. To know more about the same and his future plans for the army, we reached out to Krosive for an exclusive interview.

What was the reason behind reviving Takis?

I wanted to revive it as it has a very good background and hasn’t been alive for awhile.

Can you share your future plans with the army, and how do you wish to execute them?

We will achieve major army status, it’s a fact. We will be a force in the army community.

What else can we expect to see from this generation?

You will expect us to max 25+ next event.

It seems that Krosive is all set to start this new generation of the army, and ensure that it’s a success. But only time will tell, if the army is able to sustain it’s performance. We wish him, and the Takis, the very best in all their future endeavors. How do you think this generation will go for the Takis? What can the community expect from the army in the future?


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