Adden and Buddy Set Sail for Retirement Island from Water Vikings

Waves of speculation spread through the Water Vikings community as two Viking Commanders, Adden and Buddy, decided to sink their leadership. Neither leaders are new to leading Water Vikings, nor is it their first time announcing their retirement.

Adden and Buddy Retirement

Recruited by the Army of Club Penguin, Adden laid down his anchor in armies in 2014. In addition to being a Fourth in Command of the Dark Warriors, he led the Romans and the Golden Guardians. However, it is his service with the Water Vikings that has accounted for the majority of his army accolades. A captain for the Vikings during two consecutive Legends Cup Finals, in 2015 and 2016, Adden led the team to victory both years. Moreover, the Vikings reached the top spot of the Top Ten numerous times.

Legends Cup VI finals between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings

Originally recruited in 2011, Buddy’s career spanned multiple armies. His first army was the Night Divers, followed by the Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, Buddy joined the Water Vikings where he held leadership positions from 2014-2016. Following a brief departure for Pretzels leadership in 2015, he ended up returning to the Water Vikings. Buddy would then go on to lead other famed armies such as the Golds, Marines, and Rebel Penguin Federation until Club Penguin closed its doors.

He helped lead the Golden Guardians together with Pjayo and Adden, former leaders of the Water Vikings. After a successful run, the leadership decided to move on to bigger and better things. Alongside Adden, Viking Legend Kingfunks4, and Pjayo, he revived the Water Vikings in May 2020 for their private server era era.

In March 2021, Adden and Buddy made a join-return to the Vikings’ leadership to support the war effort against the Templars. However, they stayed on after the war ended. Along with the other Viking leaders, they led the army to several new accomplishments. They helped the army reach second place on the Top Ten a few months ago and won their first major army tournament of the private server era in the form of the Champions Cup. On September 6, both of them announced their respective retirements from the army.

Adden and Buddy announce retirement

Adden and Buddy announce their retirement

Here’s what current Viking Commander Aaronstone had to say about the retirement of his colleagues:

Both are my brothers and I love them very much. Water Vikings [WV] wouldn’t be the same without them and I wish them luck in whatever they do next.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Adden and Buddy for an interview regarding their retirement and future plans.

What was the reason behind your retirement?

Adden: Legends Cup being pushed back and my schedule getting busier pretty much.

Buddy: After 10 years of this, things tend to become stale. I pretty much had nothing more to give to WV so I decided not to take up my leader spot anymore.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in your new role post retirement?

Adden: Ideally when Legend Cups does roll around I’d like to help where I can in winning the tournament.

Buddy: I’ve been on the High Council of Vikings for nearly two years now so I think the goal has remained the same – sit back and let Aaron run everything.

The retirement of these two leaders opens up the spot for new faces to take the helm. The army community will have their eyes on the Water Vikings to see how they take their next step forward. Do you think the new Viking Commanders will continue taking the army to new heights?

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