Opinion: The Templars and Lime Green Army War Officially Ends

Following a conflict spanning half a month, the war between the Templars and the Lime Green Army has officially ended. In this article, we take a look at the war and the reason for its sudden end.

Templars Lime Green Army War 2022

On the 8 of this month, the Templars of Club Penguin went to war with the Lime Green Army. With a total of eight invasions having taken place, the Templars had a very decisive victory. A grand total of eight invasions took place, with the Limes not showing up to a single battle.

Templars Sour Patch | Lime Green Army

Templars’ invasion of Sour Patch

The Templars, on track to winning the war, suddenly rescinded their declaration, before declaring war on the Special Weapons and Tactics, soon to be joined by three other armies. The two declarations are perhaps related to one another, considering the Templars’ stance on Greeny, creator of the Lime Green army and his recent joining of the Special Weapons.

The Templars’ forfeit means that the Limes can claim victory despite showing up to no battles. Although the terms of war stated that the victor would obtain the entirety of the enemy’s nation, the Limes opted not to take any land. Instead the “winners” have relinquished control of their remaining servers: 134, Citrus City, and London.

To find out more about these sudden changes, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Xing, Emperor of the crusaders, and Greeny.

Xing: Very good, very nice.

Greeny: I was surprised by Templars withdrawal from the war as it shows they don’t even care about following their own terms. “A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason in any form will constitute a forfeit of the war.” Because of this LGA is declaring victory.

In a surprising turn of events, the Lime Green Army emerged as the victors in a war they didn’t attend. Although they chose to force treaty the Templars, they opted not to take their land.


Note: The following section contains the author’s opinion and is in no way reflective of the opinions of the organization as a whole.

For the first part I believe that the Templars should have finished the war as this could have easily backfired had the Limes taken their land. The Templars gave the land they won to the Water Vikings, an ally who has joined forces against the Special Weapons. Had the Limes taken the land, the Water Vikings wouldn’t have as much land as they do now. Therefore, they could have been more vulnerable.

Map; Pre-Vikings

This thought brings me to my next point. Greeny should have taken the land. The reason is simple: it wouldn’t have hurt and would only have helped the army he was leading at the time. There’s two aspects to taking the land. Firstly, as stated above it would’ve made the Vikings more susceptible to possibly losing. Secondly, the Limes could have relinquished the land gained, allowing the Special Weapons to invade it. As a result, they would have had more land to take on the sea of armies at war with them and given them better chances of a possible victory.

All in all I believe the Templars should have finished what they started as the Lime Green Army only had three pieces of land left. As no term in either of the war declarations forbids outside involvement, the Templars could have joined in on the war against Special Weapons and Tactics later.

It is not every day that an army that attended not even a single battle ends up claiming victory over its opponent. And I’m not sure it makes sense. It certainly adds to the narrative surrounding current discussions on how war is operated in the recent years. Which side won?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 September 5, 2022 (4:15 am)

    I think TCP won.

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