Army of Club Penguin Reclaims Its Major Status

The Army of Club Penguin is once again a Major Army. Having received the Major status at the beginning of this year, this article shall cover how the army has bounced back since then, and what has changed for the army after the month of January, for them to reclaim their position.

On September 4, the Army of Club Penguin moved from being an S/M army to a Major one. Having completed the necessary criteria and requirements of receiving size points of 20+ for three consecutive weeks as announced in the recent Top Ten Armies post – the army earned the status of a Major army, thus joining the Major league as the 6th Major army in the community, once again.

Army of Club Penguin becoming a Major Army


After having received the major status at the beginning of this year, multiple events have taken place and a lot of things have changed in the army. The months of February and March had few members of the staff like Roxy and Faith retire, after which the army witnessed a gradual drop in size and a dip in activity in the coming months.
With their Recruiting Force still going strong, the Army introduced Project: Revival on July 13th, for which several veterans and former staff of the army like Sidie9, Alemax, Calgo, and Spinister returned joined by some new faces like Shallissa, Pie, Aydoon, Tomato, who had served as former leaders and members of Higher Command at People’s Imperial Confederation, and Arne, a veteran from Pizza Federation. Just five days after, the US Division of the army reopened, and saw the army make it to the Top Ten Armies once again.

Introduction of Project: Revival

On July 24, the Army of Club Penguin emerged victorious in the Beach Brawl II tournament hosted by the Club Penguin Armies. Shortly after this, more veterans like Sebassotoo and Pandito rejoined the army, and the Delta Division was reintroduced. All of this has led to a period of resurgence and growth for the army’s community. Currently, the army holds the 7th position in Top Ten Armies.

A recent event where the Army maxed 31

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Shallissa, a current General of the army, to know her thoughts on the army moving to Major, and it’s future plans.

What do you think has helped you all the most since January end to reclaim the Major status?

ACP’s Project: Revival has been a huge hit throughout our mod team and our members, I definitely think this has been the key in reclaiming our status. Sidie’s return to ACP definitely hyped a lot of us up, and now her AUSIA division is maxing 20+, with the US division not too far behind. We have a lot of dedicated staff and members who want to see ACP thrive, and we all worked together to reclaim our status.

How is the army planning to moving ahead?

Our main focus at the moment is to increase our size by recruiting more members. Mchappy has been doing an amazing job at recruiting and a lot of his recruits attend our events, so it’s been super motivating. We also hope to keep having practice battles and fun events with other armies. There are a few more things in mind that we have been discussing, but you’ll find out soon enough 💚

What advice would you give to the S/M armies who are aspiring to move to Major, someday?

Definitely focus on the quality of your recruits, not just the quantity. Growing your server size is good but try to build relationships with the troops already in it and do your best to get them active and attending events. Also remember to focus on fun and to not stress yourself or anyone out, a fun environment will keep yourself and your members happy and entertained.

It seems that Shallissa and the rest of the staff is determined in making sure that the Army of Club Penguin keeps going strong as it has, and getting better with every coming day. We can’t wait to see what the future has got in store for the Clovers. We wish Shallissa, and the Army of Club Penguin, the very best in all their future endeavors. How will this status impact the army, and what can the community expect from them in the coming future?



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