Special Weapons and Tactics Undergoes Election

The retirement of the previous leadership left a hole in the Special Weapons and Tactics. After a special election, the agents welcome three new leaders. 

Special Weapons and Tactics Elections

On August 24, four armies declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. The next day, multiple leaders quietly left their ranks, causing Ganger90 to announce the election of three new leaders. The election lasted for five days, and the army troops had to vote on their top choices for the job. Of all the nominees, the troops selected Rye BreadToxic Storm, and Pandor as their new SWAT leaders.

Special Weapons and Tactics Election Announcement

SWAT’s election announcement

Rye Bread served in the Secret Service before joining the agents in early July. She quickly demonstrated leadership qualities and has been serving as Leader-in-Training. Toxic Storm has had numerous stints in SWAT, and he first joined in the summer of 2020, 2021, and then this past June. Pandor has extensive army experience but joined SWAT two weeks ago, after Ninjas’ lockdown. Since their induction as leaders, SWAT has carried on in the war against Help Force, Ice Warriors, Templars, and Water Vikings.

Invasion of Mustafar

Invasion of Mustafar | September 3

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the three freshly elected leaders for an exclusive interview to learn more about their plans.

What are your future plans for Special Weapons and Tactics?

Rye Bread: My future plans are to bring more fun to SWAT. It’s about quality, not quantity. I will focus more on individual growth so SWAT can be faster, cleaner, and more powerful.

Toxic Storm: I plan to fix the issues that the previous leaders have caused and make the army better with the help of everyone In the SWAT team.

Pandor: I plan to ensure SWAT doesn’t drop too low ranks on the top ten and keep building the sizes.

When you joined the Special Weapons and Tactics, did you think you would win an election like this?

Rye Bread: Upon joining i was offered leader by lego, but didn’t take the offer as i had never led an army before. It’s such a huge role to partake in and i wanted to earn it rather than be given it. So, i was expecting leader, i just didn’t know when.

Toxic Storm: Nothing can be certain in Armies, but I knew I had a chance of being elected due to my time, effort and work inside and outside the army.

Pandor: Not really.

What do you think about the other two leaders elected with you?

Rye Bread: I consider Pandor and Sauron good friends of mine, and I can’t wait to be leading alongside them. We have our differences sometimes, but we will become a fantastic team.

Toxic Storm: Every leader has a flaw, myself included, but I intend to work around such flaws and produce good results. I have worked and even led with the newly elected leaders in different places at different times, so I hope we can make things work again and run smoothly.

Pandor: They are both good leaders, and the three of us together and Coolguy will make new things happen within SWAT.

Do you have any plans for the 4v1 war?

Rye Bread: I don’t know much about warfare, but with Pandor and Sauron, I will do the best I can with what we have planned. Intentions classified.

Toxic Storm: We have to deal with the war as new leaders because that’s our responsibility. I’d describe it as unfair and unnecessary, so the plan is to adapt and see how it goes down the line.

Pandor: No.

You all made campaign speeches. What do you plan to bring to SWAT that was missing before?

Rye Bread: As I said earlier, I plan to work individually with troops making our army stronger than before. My main goal is equality and respect for all. I also plan to revamp the server with Toxic, adding new events for people who don’t have access to CPAB, and better rewards for those who deserve them.

ToxicStorm: Order, respect, better management, care for legends, and better communication with our members and supporters inside and outside SWAT.

Pandor: All that I mentioned in the speech.

It seems the three freshly elected leaders are ready to lead the Special Weapons and Tactics through some tough times. With a war well underway, how do you think the new leaders will adapt to the situation? Will they live up to their campaign promises? 

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    Congrats to Rye and Sauron! No congrats to Pandor, because he can be an asshole sometimes.

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