Top 5 Moments of August 2022

The sun may have set on Summer 2022 here in the army community, but which event was crowned the top moment of August? 

The Club Penguin Armies media team recently hosted an internal staff vote to determine what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from August 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal.


5. Levelz Crowned as Ice Warriors Leader

Written by: Max

On August 17th, Levelz was crowned Ice Warriors leader alongside IceQueen, DrQueen and Freedomist. He had served in the Ice Warriors since October 2020 and had been a leader-in-training since November 2021. His promotion came off the back of two leadership retirements – Iceyfeet1234 and Kally. DrQueen broke the news on the Ice Warriors Discord announcements, stating his dedication and incredible recruiting skills had earned him his place at the head of the army.

Levelz told CP Armies reporters that he was happy to be promoted as he “had been wanting this for so long and after what felt like ages it’s finally here”. He also admitted to feeling nervous about undertaking the new role, but grateful for the amazing support from his fellow leaders.


4. F6sixer Steps Away From Rebel Penguin Federation Leadership

Written by: Caramel

Former Rebel Commander F6sixer announced his retirement from the Rebel Penguin Federation on August 8. He originally joined the Rebels in 2019, working his way through the ranks of the army and eventually becoming a leader in February of 2021. Among his various achievements, F6sixer most notably coded the Rebel Bot and led his army to victory throughout many tournaments such as Christmas Chaos, AUSIA Arena, and the Legends Cup XI. In his retirement post, F6sixer proceeded to thank the troops along with various shout-outs to specific people. Although he remains an Advisor for the Rebels, F6sixer’s retirement from the leadership team will undoubtedly impact the army.


3. Iceyfeet1234 and Kally Announce Retirement From Ice Warriors Leadership

Written by: Max

Before Levelz was promoted into the leadership position, the Ice Warriors saw two departures in August: Iceyfeet1234 and Kally. The first was their creator, Iceyfeet1234,. Iceyfeet told our media team in an exclusive interview that he intends to stay around behind the scenes for the next month, to offer advice to the current leadership and “ensure things continue to run post-departure”. He also plans to help out with community events and continue his role within the legends committee.

The second retirement came a week later and saw long-serving leader Kally say her final farewell to the army. On August 13th, Kally released an emotional post following her retirement event, discussing her army career from the very beginning while giving many messages and thanks to her friends and people who have helped her out on her journey. She announced exciting changes would be happening soon in her personal life, but she would be continuing in her role as CP Armies Editor-in-Chief.


2. CPA Host End of Summer Gala & Summer Awards

Written by: Caramel

As the summer came to a close, the End of Summer Awards was announced on August 13. Many armies and individuals were nominated to be voted on in various categories. The voting was open for almost two weeks, and on August 27 the winners were announced. On this day, the End of Summer Gala was also hosted by the Community Committee members, and an exciting scavenger hunt took place on CP Army Battleground for the first time on August 28. In this surprise event, participants looked for suns on the game to unscramble a word and receive an exclusive Summer Umbrella pin. Other fun activities were also hosted this weekend including entertaining polls, a Discord nitro hunt, and fashion and meme contests.


1. Four Armies Declare War on Special Weapons and Tactics Following Internal Drama

Written by: Max

Just as the month was beginning to wind down, the community was rocked by a shocking 4-way declaration of war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Templars, Ice Warriors, Water Vikings and Help Force released back-to-back posts announcing the war on August 24th, following growing community scrutiny of the morality of their leaders. Additionally, the Rebel Penguin Federation acknowledged SWAT’s behaviour and broke its alliance with SWAT.

These posts contained severe and concerning allegations regarding SWAT’s conduct, ranging from permitting people to talk about child sexual exploitation imagery without consequence, disrespecting veterans and allies, using “racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic language,” and “harbouring people” who support pedophiles.

The war is still ongoing, although the Special Weapons have only been attending battles against the Water Vikings. Regardless, the other three armies have continued with their invasions and have accumulated several victories each.


Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt that the month of August has been an eventful one for the community. As we head into September, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

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