Top Ten Armies of the Month – August

As expected, August has been certainly been a busy month, with the community making the most of their freedom before the start of the new school year. This month, we have witnessed the outbreak of the biggest war yet this year, in addition to a major reshuffle in the Top Five rankings.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [80[↑0]

2T. Help Force [71] [↑2]

2T. Rebel Penguin Federation [71] [↑0]

 4. Special Weapons and Tactics [69[↑2]

5. Ice Warriors [68] [↓2]

6. Water Vikings [61[↓2]

7. Army of Club Penguin [53] [↑1]

8. Lime Green Army [38[↑0]

9. Strawhats [26] [↑6]

10. Mercenaries [22] [↑6]

Close to the Top Ten

11T. Ninjas [13] [↑0]

11T. Among Us [13] [NEW]

13. Revs [12[↓4]

Click here for the Top Ten Statistics.

As usual, the Templars have once again claimed the top of the rankings with a perfect score. The Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force follow closely behind in second place, with the Force marking the first major change in this months ranking’s with an increase of two positions. Next, Special Weapons and Tactics make their Top Five return, moving up to fourth position, whilst the Ice Warriors drop down to fifth. The Water Vikings also experience a decrease as they claim sixth. Meanwhile, the Army of Club Penguin moves up to seventh, and the Lime Green Army continues to stay at eighth. The Top Ten concludes with the two largest increases of the month, with the Strawhats at ninth and the Mercenaries at tenth, both moving up a massive six positions.

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