End of Summer Awards 2022: Results

For the past two weeks the community has been voting for their favourites in the End of Summer Awards. The votes have now all been counted and verified, so without further ado, it is time to find out who you have declared as our winners!

Two hundred and ninety nine members of the community have been voting for nominees across sixteen different categories for the last two weeks. However, the wait is finally over, as we are proud to present the End of Summer Awards 2022 results.

The Awards

Biggest Army

First place: Templars (113 votes)

Second place: Rebel Penguin Federation  (91 votes)

Third placeIce Warriors (43 votes)

4th: Water Vikings and Help Force (26 votes).

The Templars have constantly proved that they are not an army to be overlooked, when they claimed the top spot in the Top Ten Armies for the first time in 2021. Since then they have only grown stronger, earlier this year the community witnessed the achieved of a new Top Ten Record as the Templars observed their 33rd week at number one. Without a doubt the Templars have definitely dominated the year so far, through their extraordinary sizes and constant wars, helping to solidify them as the Biggest Army of Summer 2022.

~ Spotty 

Best Major Army Leader

First place: Xing (80 votes)

Second place: Link3000 (48 votes)

Third place: IceQueen (36 votes)

4th: F6sixer (27 votes), 5th: Aaronstone (27 votes), 8th: Wynn (23 votes), 9th: Snowy (16 votes), 10th Kally (15 votes), 11th: Cabin (13 votes), 12th Racecar (8 votes), 13th: Pjayo (6 votes).

After being crowned 2021 Person of the Year, Xing has had quite the eventful year. He not only managed to set a new Top Ten record of 33 weeks at number one, he has also reached an incredible size of 74. Additionally, Xing has led the Templars to war 7 times this year, the most noticeable being the Summer Sovereignty war against the Rebel Penguin Federation in July. From confirming TCP’s place as number one, to expanding alliances and keeping the community alive with constant wars, Xing has definitely earned his title of Best Leader.

~ Spotty 


Best S/M Army Leader

First place: Legoman (101 votes)

Second place: Zeus (41 votes)

Third placeGreeny (37 votes)

4th: Coolguy (36 votes), 5th: Revan (31 votes), 6th: Bull Hour (30 votes), 7th: Pandor (23 votes).

Legoman first joined the Special Weapons and Tactics back in 2020 after the merge of Island Invaders. His career in SWAT started off at full-speed due to the Flash Nemesis War. Months later on February 7th 2021, Legoman was officially inducted as the 71st SWAT leader. His hard work did not end there, as he became well-known in the community for his recruitment skills. In addition, he helped lead the army in multiple tournaments such as March Madness, and wars including “Operation: Templaria”, in 2021.  A year after his induction, Legoman suddenly left SWAT with a recruit count of over 2000. However, in May 2022, he once again rejoined the leadership, playing a huge part in helping Special Weapons and Tactics to reach second place in the Top Ten Armies, as well as gaining Major Army Status. Although recently he has suddenly departed from the army, due to unknown circumstances. Legoman’s famous recruiting and battle skills helped him to secure the title of “Best S/M Leader”.

~ Spotty 


Best Higher Command

First place: Yvng (Rebel Penguin Federation) (62 votes)

Second place: Levelz (Ice Warriors) (44 votes)

Third place: Oreo (Templars) (37 votes)

4th: Dino and Ryebread (34 votes), 6th: Mayathefirst (30 votes), 7th: Mac (22 votes), 8th: Sebassotoo (12 votes), 9th: Trinity (9 votes), 10th: Greg (9 votes), 11th: Alex (3 votes), 12th: Toxic Storm (3 votes). 

Yvng Baller joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in May of 2020, during the peak of COVID. He quickly rose through the ranks earning himself a place on the moderator team, then later High Command in Fall 2021. From his dedicated recruiting skills and positive attitude, he became well known amongst RPF troops and staff. Now at the rank of Second in Command, Yvng is one of the community’s Head Judges and supports RPF’s US division. On top of that he also participates in RPF’s broadcast, contests, graphic design, and podcast teams. As a well-rounded staff member, Yvng surely earned his place as Best Higher Command.

~ Crazzy

Most Achieved

First place: Xing (110 votes)

Second place: Superhero123 (99 votes)

Third placeLink300 (90 votes)

Since creating the Templars in 2018, Xing has never shied away from war and only dreamt of success for his army. His role during the creation of Club Penguin Armies ensured that every army, regardless of size, had a vote for administration. Being a part of every war this summer, Xing has taken CP warfare to a new level, preventing community stagnation, and his efforts this summer have earned him the title of “Most Achieved.

~ Comedy

Biggest Retirement

First place: Iceyfeet1234 (131 votes)

Second place: F6sixer (61 votes)

Third place: Kingfunks4 (45 votes)

4th: Bull Hour (42 votes), 5th: Kally (20 votes).

As the leader and creator of the Ice Warriors, Iceyfeet1234 has been involved with the army since their creation in 2007. He first led the Ice Warriors until 2012, thriving in tournaments and winning the Legends Cup twice during his reign of five years. After returning to lead the Ice Warriors in 2020, the army continued to grow under Iceyfeet’s leadership with a max of 165+ during the March Madness tournament the year of his return. Following his retirement event on August 8, 2022, Iceyfeet plans to continue helping out the community if asked but won’t be around as much anymore. Due to his influences and many achievements since his return, Iceyfeet wins the award of Biggest Retirement and will surely be missed.

~ Caramel


Biggest Rise

First place: Special Weapons and Tactics (130 votes)

Second place: Water Vikings (84 votes)

Third placeArmy of Club Penguin (58 votes)

4th: Lime Green Army (27 votes).

After two months of inactivity, the Special Weapons and Tactics returned to the community with a vengeance in May. Since then, they have been on an upward trajectory, only increasing in size and promise. Although controversy has followed them, beginning with CPForever, SWAT has proven it can be successful. On August 14, the agents placed second on the weekly Top Ten, its highest placement in recent years, and promoted to Major Army, a first since 2021. Despite the current situation that befalls the agents, their accomplishments this summer make them deserving of the Biggest Rise.

Best Conflict

First place: Summer Sovereignty War (Templars vs. Rebel Penguin Federation) (198 votes)

Second place: Ninjas vs. Water Vikings and Secret Service (39 votes)

Third placeMercs vs. Red Ravagers (27 votes)

4th: Templars vs. Lime Green Army (21 votes), 5th: Magma Clan vs. Mercs (14 votes).

The Summer Sovereignty War lasted five days, from July 29th to August 2nd. The Templars declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, stating the Rebels’ reluctance to engage in practice battles and constantly trash-talking the Empire. However, as per Club Penguin Army tradition, controversy surrounded the war even before the battles officially began. On July 29th, the Rebel Penguin Federation spoke against the Templars, expressing that the Knights broke a term. The Rebels alleged the Templars received land from the Ninjas and Red Ravagers after the declaration, directly violating the terms of war. The army league board voted upon the allegation, resulting in the administration deciding and unanimously voting to continue the war.

A week later, the war officially commenced, with the Templars successfully defending their land. However, the opening battle marked the Templars’ only victory; losing the next nine. Five days later, the war ended with the ‘Invasion of Rome’ as just four Templars attended. Hours later, both armies signed a treaty, concluding the Summer Sovereignty War with a score of 9-0-1 in favor of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

~ Spotty 

Most Controversial Moment

First place: Templars Surrender War to RPF (111 votes)

Second place: The chaos of the Beach Brawl II (67 votes)

Third placeLeague Vote on RPF-TCP War Legitimacy (62 votes)

4th: SWAT Using CP Forever (59 votes).

The Templars declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation on July 17. However, the Rebels deduced that the Templars had broken their own war terms by accepting land transfers. While the Templars claimed that the transfers occurred 20 seconds before the war declaration was posted, the Rebels argued that the terms were said to have gone into effect after the draft which concluded six minutes prior to the transfers. As a result of arguments from both sides, the Army League Board voted on the matter which resulted in a tie. The administration team then voted and unanimously decided that the war was valid. Following the first invasion on July 29 by the Rebel Penguin Federation, the two armies continued to battle it out ten times total with nine of them ending as victories for the Rebels. On August 2, the Templars surrendered and both armies agreed to the terms of the Summer Sovereignty Treaty.

~ Caramel


Best Reporter

First place: Disha (57 votes)

Second place: Action (56 votes)

Third place:Sophie (43 votes)

4th: Comedy (42 votes), 5th: Mchappy (37 votes), 6th: Ryebread (23 votes), 7th: Zay (18 votes), 8th: Scorpion Demon (14 votes), 9th: Ru Emma (9 votes). 

The reporting team at CP Armies play a crucial role in the organisation, and are definitely underrated. They work continuously to ensure that the community is kept up to date with the constant news. Disha first joined the reporting team back in the Summer of 2021, in Club Penguin Army Headquarters, where she was later promoted to Editor-in-Chief. Ever since Disha has joined the team, she has always been one of our most eager team members, as she is always ready to help write or edit a post. She is one of our most experienced editors, with a total of 61 posts under her belt, including her popular column, Positivitea. Disha is a much loved member of our media team, and she certainly is a well-deserving of being awarded “Best Reporter”.

~ Spotty


Post of the Summer

First place: Templars Declare War on Rebel Penguin Federation, Dispute Ensues Over Server Transfers, by ActionSpark (107 votes)

Second place: Templars Surrender ‘Summer Sovereignty War’ to the Rebel Penguin Federation, by Sophie (66 votes)

Third place: Opinion: ‘It’s Time to Start Acting Like Armies’, by Scorpion Demon (44 votes)

4th: The Formation of Club Penguin Armies, by Max (36 votes), 5th: TCP-RPF War Decreed Valid: Breaking Down The Arguments For & Against, by Max (28 votes), 6th: Project: Conquest, In Retrospect, by DMT (18 votes).

Since its inception in July, CPA has generated a lot of buzz through its diverse news and editorials. Given this summer’s Best Conflict and Most Controversial Moment, it goes without saying the Post of the Summer is awarded to ActionSpark’s in-depth reporting of the initial Summer Sovereignty saga. “Templars Declare War on Rebel Penguin Federation, Dispute Ensues Over Server Transfers” was an evolving story that put Action on the spot to deliver the most accurate news to the community. Its analysis of the flurry of articles between the Templars and Rebel Penguin Federation broke down the situation’s complexity, serving as a summary for board votes and final administrative decisions.

~ Comedy


Best Graphics Designer

First place: Koloway (70 votes)

Second place: Dino (66 votes)

Third place: Subster (53 votes)

4th: Master DS (48 votes), 5th: Frostty (36 votes), 6th: Zamb (26 votes).

Koloway prior to 2019 was not someone you’d typically think of when you thought of army graphic designers. With the newly revived Army of Club Penguin in September 2019, however, then-Fourth-in-Command Koloway showed he was a force to be recommended with. Starting from humble signatures in Paint.net in ACP to eventually designing CP Army Media, CP Army Hub, CP Army HQ, and CPArmies 2022, Koloway has shaped a generation of army graphics design; he helped pioneer a new style that didn’t rely on old styles such as Ming’s, while still maintaining his own high quality. It’d be an understatement to say Koloway has come a long way, as he has marked himself as one of the most successful designers in the CPPS era.

~ Dino


Best Judge

First place: Comedy (95 votes)

Second place: Action (73 votes)

Third placeDisha (50 votes)

4th: Sanya (44 votes), 5th: Wynn (37 votes).

Without the constant commitment from judges, the community’s tournaments, battles, and wars would not be able to go ahead. Throughout the past year Comedy has definitely proven that she is one of the best judges within the community. During the Summer Sovereignty War, Comedy could be found regularly judging the 8pm EST battles, helping to ensure that the war ran smoothly without any hiccups. With her prompt timing, eagerness, and highly-detailed results, it can be said for sure that Comedy definitely deserves the title of “Best Judge”.

~ Spotty



Best Head Judge

First place: Spotty (101 votes)

Second place: Yvng (70 votes)

Third placePaddy (42 votes)

4th: AustinFraud (35 votes), 5th: P0Pcorny (31 votes), 6th: Lightningmcj (20 votes).

Head Judge is far from an easy position. Not only are they responsible for creating judging guidelines and hiring new judges, but they are also the go-between for the community and those who judge them. Spotty separated herself from her fellow judges and worked tirelessly to reunite the judging teams from CPAN and CPAHQ into the now CPAJ. This summer, her efforts have ensured a ready supply of judges for Beach Brawl and the many ensuing wars. Given her active involvement behind-the-scenes and CPA Judges being her brainchild, it is no surprise that Spotty was voted “Best Head Judge” for the third time in a row.

~ Comedy

Best Chief Executive Producer

First place
: Spotty (73 votes)

Second place: Orange (66 votes)

Third placeCrazzy (60 votes)

4th: Max (52 votes), 5th: LuciferStar (28 votes), 6th: DMT (20 votes).

Spotty first joined the media team back in Club Penguin Army Headquarters in Autumn 2021. After joining the Club Penguin Army Headquarters in December of 2021, Spotty received a promotion to Associate Director, her first administration role within a league. Additionally, alongside Max, she was promoted to Vice Director in May of 2022, and was recognized by DMT for her potential and “rare drive to get things done in the community”. Following the merge into Club Penguin Armies, Spotty became one of the Chief Executive Producers, alongside her roles of Head Judge and Community Committee member. Throughout her time as a member of the administration, Spotty’s efforts and many contributions such as planning important events have earned her the title of Best Chief Executive Producer.

~ Caramel


Brightest Bulb

First place: Da Best (100 votes)

Second place: Thunder (84 votes)

Third place: Raticide (55 votes)

4th: Ronaldo (28 votes), 5th: Prince Ninja (24 votes).

The award for “Brightest Bulb” is most certainly a community favourite, and it comes to no surprise that the winner is once again Da Best. Previously, he has won this award once before back in 2020. Da Best can be often found spreading his well-known love for the community and their leagues, through his penguin accounts, and in the main chat of his cherished league, CP Armies. Without a doubt he is one of the most well-known and idolized members of our community, and there is no better recipient to be awarded the “Brightest Bulb”.

~ Spotty

We would like to offer huge a congratulations to all of our winners, runners-up and nominees. A massive thank you to Master DS and Dino for creating our outstanding trophies.  With all of winners now crowned, we must now bid farewell to Summer. We look forward to welcoming you back later this year for our “End of Year Awards” and the much-loved “Person of the Year 2022”.

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