CP Armies to Host End of Summer Gala: What You Can Expect

With the summer of 2022 coming to a close, the End of Summer Awards was announced along with the End of Summer Gala. What fun events can we expect to see?

On August 13, the End of Summer Awards 2022 was announced. Following the tradition, many armies and individuals were nominated to be voted on in various categories such as “Biggest Army” and “Best Major Army Leader”. The voting will occur through Google Forms and will be open until August 26. On the next day, August 27, CP Armies will host the End of Summer Gala. Taking place at 3pm EST, this event will reveal the winners of the End of Summer Awards along with many fun activities.

Click here to vote for the End of Summer Awards

Although the official End of Summer Gala will happen on August 27 at 3pm EST, other activities will occur throughout the weekend from Friday to Sunday. This includes a fashion show that will last all three days with many themes and prizes for winners including nitro. Other games will be hosted as well by committee members possibly including but not limited to Skribbl.io, Kahoot, and Karaoke. Additionally, look forward to a surprise event planned by Community Committee Head DrQueen along with Mogi4 on Club Penguin Army Battleground taking place on Saturday and Sunday with help from Superhero123.

On Saturday at 3pm EST, the End of Summer Gala will take place in the Night Club. A few hours before the event, everyone will have a chance to give their favorite song which may be played in the voice chat that will be open during the actual gala. There will also be a fashion show with lots of funny themes prepared by the Community Committee. Expect to wrack your brains with polls such as “Most Likely To” and “Would You Rather”. On top of these activities, admins will announce the long-awaited winners of the End of Summer Awards.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to DrQueen, the Community Committee Head, for an exclusive interview regarding what to expect from the End of Summer Gala.

How do you feel about the upcoming End of Summer Gala? Are you excited?

I am excited. The end of the summer gala is a perfect way to celebrate CPA’s success throughout the summer and uniting the community once again to do something big. It’s gonna be the first major event the community committee team gets to put on together and do something different than just host games. I’m excited to bring their ideas to life!

What kind of events should we expect to see?

Expect a full weekend (Friday-Sunday) of things to do! The summer gala isn’t one just one day thing, but we aim to use the entire weekend to host like an online carnival, where we will include games such as CPAB fashion shows, find the mascot and many VC discord events within the community.

Is there any specific activity we should look forward to?

Myself (DrQueen) and Mogi4 are currently working on a big project that will take place on the weekend of the Gala. We are hoping that we can implement this idea within the CPAB Game so stay tuned!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I hope that everyone from around the community comes to the End of the Summer Gala and participates in the events that we host! Despite all the drama that has been happening recently in this community, I hope we can have some fun without killing one another 😂

The End of Summer Gala will certainly be a very fun weekend with multiple games planned such as fashion shows. Additionally, the surprise event occurring on Saturday and Sunday will definitely be an exciting one. On top of these lively activities, the announcement of the winners of the End of Summer Awards will definitely be something you won’t want to miss. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, how do you feel about the End of Summer Gala? What are you looking forward to?

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