Levelz Crowned as Ice Warriors Leader

Following two retirements, Levelz joins the Ice Warriors leadership. He now shares the throne alongside IceQueen, DrQueen, and Freedomist.

Levelz joined armies in October 2020, after being recruited into the Ice Warriors by Iceyfeet1234. Only a few months later, in January, Levelz received his promotion to Staff, with a Higher Command promotion following in May. During his time as staff, he also supported the Ice Warriors colony, the Water Ninjas, from November 2020 until their shutdown. In record time, on November 27th, 2021, Levelz earned his promotion to Leader in Training.

Ice Warriors  event 2022

A recent Ice Warriors event

Following the retirements of Iceyfeet1234 and Kally, on August 17, DrQueen announced the promotion of Levelz to Ice Warriors leader. As a result of his great recruiting skills and great dedication, he rapidly rose up the ranks while being in the army for only a couple of months. His skill in leading battles also supported the leaders’ decision to promote him.

Levelz leader Ice Warriors

An announcement of Levelz being promoted to leader, click to enlarge

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Levelz for an interview to learn his thoughts on his promotion to leader.

How do you feel about your promotion to leader?

I feel happy, I’ve been wanting this for so long now and after what felt like ages it’s finally here. I also feel a bit nervous/scared but I know that the other leaders will help guide me and help get me on the right track :3

Do you have any goals for the future as a leader?

 I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into that yet seeing as my goal til now was to get Leader. But one thing I want always and to keep is for IW to not feel like a job or chore for anyone in it, I want everyone to have fun and be here cause they like being here, because at the end of the day we’re all just here to have a good time.

What is your favorite memory of Ice Warriors?

I don’t think this is my all time favorite memory but I remember the day I got my LiT promotion November 27th 2021 IW had a Fall Ball event and IceQueen was announcing the winners of each of the categories for the Fall Ball and she was taking forever so me Kally, DrQueen and Freedomist got on fortnite to play a game while IceQ finished announcing and when she got to the last award she announced my LiT promo while I was playing fortnite with the other leaders and LiT and we all got on the event vc and I said we were playing and they said “DON’T SAY THAT HERE” I did not expect the promotion at all and it was all just really funny at the time :’)

Do you think there is anything that greatly helped you in your journey to leader?

Yes I think that all of my friends have really helped me a lot to get to this point right now. All my friends in IW, past and present, have been my biggest source of motivation even though there be times when we don’t see eye to eye :’). My journey up to this point has been rough and there have been a lot of hard times when I really just wanted to leave but my friends were always there to support and help me out be it yelling at each other on fortnite or just chilling in vc, I love them all so much. I think that if it weren’t for them I definitely wouldn’t be a Leader today and I wouldn’t want to stick around in armies.

It seems that Levelz is ready to take on leadership with the help of his fellow leaders. How will Ice Warriors change with a new addition to their leadership? 

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