Rebel Penguin Federation Host Summer Olympics

Another rendition of the Summer Olympics begins this week at the Rebel Penguin Federation. This year’s festivities are inspired the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb.”

Every year the Rebel Penguin Federation hosts a seasonal Olympics: one for the Summer and one for Winter. Each consist of a week of competitions held on Club Penguin. Members are divided into teams and at the end of the week, one team will take away the gold. Gold is awarded to the team who has accumulated the most amount of points across all events. For the first time, Club Penguin Army Battleground will be the host for the Rebels’ Olympics.

For the Rebels, the Olympic tradition goes back as far as Summer 2017. The first time they were held was on a private server known as Oasis. While there is no known accessible posts detailing the Olympics, we were able to find pictures of some of the events through the army’s scrapbook.

Sled racing Olympic event of Summer 2017

However, the Rebels are not the only army known for their Olympics. The Ice Warriors have held events similar such as the “Sub Zero Winter Olympics.” It was ran quite similarly to the Rebels. Even as far back as 2012, the Army of Club Penguin hosted annual Olympics. In their version, members were assigned to servers and only participated in the mini-games they wanted to compete in. Olympic events such as these have been an integral part of our community’s history.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Rebel Commander Link3000 on their anticipation for this year’s competition:

Olympics are always highly anticipated in the Rebel Penguin Federation. It’s probably one of our most fun weeks, the energy in chat is always great. We’re expecting mainly fun, friendly competition and a lot of memes. This is the first time we’re also having Olympics without a [private server] like Club Penguin Rewritten which would have all the games, so we’ve had to adjust but the spirits are still high.

As mentioned by Link3000, this will be the first time the Rebels will conduct these games on a private server that does not readily have many mini-games available. Who will win gold?

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