Special Weapons and Tactics Reach Major Army Status After Huge Growth Lands Them 2nd Position

For the first time, the Special Weapons find themselves landing in the 2nd place position. This comes following a consistent rise in size among new hires and promotions.

On August 14, the newest Top Ten was released, revealing that Special Weapons and Tactics had earned the second spot. The army has seen a consistent growth in size in the recent weeks, tracing all the way back to its successful return from hiatus in May 2022. Until now, the army has rested at the small-medium army status since around the closure of Club Penguin Online.

An event from March 2022 during small-medium army status

This is the first time the Special Weapons are listed officially as a major army since 2021. However, since returning, the army has steadily grown, using a variety of recruiting tactics: a controversial attempt at integrating with Club Penguin Forever, another private server; and a revamping of their recruiting methods. The push for recruiting may be attributed to many recent notable hires: one being in Greeny, Lime Green Army creator.

Special Weapons’ most recent event, a battle versus Rebel Penguin Federation

To be listed as a major army, an army must have three weeks of an average size score of 20+. Additionally, the average size score must be taken from two or more events in the given week. Thanks to their recent accomplishment, Special Weapons and Tactics bring the amount of major armies now to six, over half of the Top Ten. As the major army table becomes a little more crowded, one can wonder if their relations may soon be tested.

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to interview Coolguy, one of the current leaders of the Special Weapons, and know his thoughts on moving to major.

How do you feel about Special Weapons and Tactics return to major status?

Honestly, I think Special Weapons and Tactics’ [SWAT] major status has been a long time coming. I feel like we’ve all worked hard to get to major and, even without the last three, SWAT has put its stamp on the Top Tens beating many majors to the higher spots. I believe that SWAT is a major army through and through – not because of its size alone – but historically and because of our mindset.

What do you think has helped the army the most?

I honestly think that a change of mindset has occurred in a lot of us in the past few months. The way we operate, the way we train etc. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t changed our beliefs or morals in any way but a lot revolving around the army has improved. Furthermore, it’s been no secret that we’ve had armies join us like Magma Clan and Revolutionaries. I don’t think you can say one thing has helped the most.

As this week’s 2nd largest army, are there any plans to utilize your growing size?

We don’t plan to settle for 68.99 points on the Top Tens, neither do we plan to settle for second best. Even if we managed to grab top spot one day that wouldn’t stop our hunger.

From the interview above it seems that Coolguy and the Special Weapons are eager to continue their trajectory. Time will only tell if the Special Weapons will be able to overcome the obstacles set before them. Will the Special Weapons continue their growth to become the largest army in the community? What will this mean for the current community dynamics?

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