Ninjas Recede Into the Shadows: “We’ll be back” Says Leadership

After not hosting any events in the past week, the Ninjas announce that they will be undergoing an infinite lockdown as the leadership continues to face inactivity issues. 

Pochoma123 and Pringle64 created the army on June 4, 2011. The shadowy figures went on to see a string of success, even being considered a world-power army in 2012. On July 2, the Ninjas crept back into the community and were to be led by Misty, Pandor, and Revan. In an interview, when asked about the future of the new generation, Leader Revan went on to state:

[I want to] set Ninjas up to become a permanent army that we won’t see shut down in only a few weeks[…].

Initially, the Ninjas found themselves in hot water with armies like the Secret Service and Water Vikings. All three of the Ninja leaders held respectable ranks in the aforementioned armies. They were accused of using their influence to “troop steal” from their former armies. While this may have affected the Ninjas’ relations with other armies, the new generation found success where – ultimately – they peaked at 8th on the Top Ten.

Dressed as Snow Ninjas, the Ninjas’ last event on August 4

Nevertheless, it would be announced by Revan on August 14 that the army would be going under lockdown. Due to a lack of time on the leaders’ behalf, the Ninjas would no longer be able to continue. The announcement comes after the sudden departure of another Ninjas leader, Sweater, on August 7.

ninjas lockdown

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Misty to learn more about the inner workings of the lockdown.

Ultimately, what led to the current state of the Ninjas?

The leaders are busy with [real life] things. All of us are adults with responsibilities. We’ll be back once we’ve got more time. Until then, so that they don’t lose out on the army experience, our beloved troops will find a home at our allies, [the] Templars.

Do you think the alleged “troop stealing” accusations affected the success of the army?

Affected? In a positive way maybe. People were drawn to us after those accusations, it was hilarious. The Ninjas aren’t an army that’s too hard on itself. We’re here to have fun, the people saw that and they came to us for the same.

Do you foresee the Ninjas coming back from their shadows for another generation?

This isn’t a shutdown, just a lockdown. It wouldn’t have been fair on us or the Ninjas to keep going when we couldn’t give our 100%. But we’ll be back.

The goal of this current generation of Ninjas was to be seen as a “permanent army.” That seems to still be the hope as the leaders take a temporary pause on all army functions. Will the Ninjas return triumphally from lockdown sometime soon? Following the “troop stealing” controversy, where will the Ninja leaders go next?

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