Freshly Squeezed: Limes Still a No Show Against Templars

Invasions began on Tuesday, August 9, but the Limes have yet to show up to a single defense of their nation against the Templars.

The Templars declared war on the Lime Green Army earlier this week, citing rising tensions due to the Limes’ affiliation with questionable figures. This came as no surprise as originally the Templars had declared war on the Limes before retracting their declaration to focus on the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Summer Sovereignty War.

Following a conclusion to the conflict that saw the Templars down by nine, the war-motivated army has again shifted focus to the Lime Green Army for another string of invasions. Since the declaration of war, there have been three battles: all of which occurred without any members of the Lime Green Army attending. As it stands currently, the Limes only have 9 servers left compared to the Templars’ 22.

Templars invade Limes War

Templars’ invasion of server Sour Valley

The Limes have yet to schedule an invasion of the Templars during this war. Now, an announcement by leader Royal Mist — also known as Chainpro — has been made, stating his retirement from the Lime Green Army. For now, Royal Mist’s retirement would effectively leave the army with no leaders, a perplexing situation in the midst of a war.

Royal Mist Limes Retirement

Royal Mist’s retirement announcement

Club Penguin Armies reached out for a statement from Templars leaders Cabin as well as former Lime Green Army leader Royal Mist regarding the future of their conflict:

Cabin: This war will not stop until we are satisfied. Right now, the only way we could be satisfied is through the swift and utter destruction of their nation. We are not fond of people who associate with bad people and we want to let the community know this. In regards to their no-showing, at least the Rebel Penguin Federation had the courage to fight back.

Royal Mist: As far as I am concerned, the Lime Green Army (LGA) will not be forfeiting the Templars vs LGA war. My retirement means nothing in regards to the activeness of the LGA. I can tell you that Thunder222 plans to lead LGA to a war victory from here. [An announcement will be made soon.]

Despite Royal Mist’s retirement, it seems that this is not the end of the war. With three battles already having taken place, two more on the way for next week, and a new leader who “plans to lead the Lime Green Army to a war victory,” the future of this conflict appears unclear. The Templars currently find themselves up 3-0 against the Limes, but this new future addition to the Limes’ leadership may renew their fighting spirit. How will the war shape out, and will the Lime Green Army be able to come back to the fight?

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